world market

On a shelf in World Market boxes of Lava cake mix wait for Warhol.

Cans of Heinz baked beans are lined up next to lined up cans of Mushys. Mushys are cooked dried peas. I haven’t tried them but I like their name and the green splat on the label.

There are jars of Mini Winis. C’mon.

mini wini jars

World Market has holiday themed table wine. At this time of year they’re stocking vino with names like Vampire, Velvet Devil and Witches’ Brew. I would totally go trick or treating if people poured me little shots of hallo-wine and told me my costume was witchin’.

halloween themed table wines

For the traditionalist there’re retro candies like Sugar Babies, Big Hunk candy bars, Maryjanes and Lemonheads. They also have current trends in candy like chocolate bars with bacon, the ubiquitous salted caramel and so on.

There are barrels exploding with Yards of Bubblegum. I would have lost my little mind if someone had given me one of these when I was a kid.

barrle full of yard long bubblegum tubesWorld Market knows how to party. They put the holiday themed beer and groovy sodas right next to party size vats of salty snacks.

halloween themed beer and salty snacks

I buy inexpensive, colorful, cloth napkins at WM that I use every day. They look good rumpled or pressed. Let’s not stress over linens. Through them in the wash. Hug a tree.

printed, patterned linens from World MarketSome of my favorite jangly, shimmery necklaces are from World Market and all of them cost less than twelve dollars each.

I love the place. It is the only retailer where I have successfully availed myself of the loyal customer rewards program. I’m a World Market Explorer, son.

I get a free 12 ounce package of coffee beans every time I collect six stamps at one each for every 12 ounce bag of coffee beans purchased. Wednesdays are double stamp days. I’m all over this reward system. Free coffee!

World Market does what great retail stores aspire to do: it makes you want stuff and it makes shopping for that stuff fun. We could be jaded about such consumerism but why bother? There’re better things to get riled up about.

Did I mention the selection of carbonated beverages with cool labels?

nichol cola from World Market

I’m not compensated for this enthusiastic rant. World Market doesn’t give kooky people who gleefully traipse up and down their aisles snapping photos and ogling candy compensation for being kooky and traipsing and ogling. I just love the place and want you to know about it. WM Explorer for life!

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4 Responses to world market

  1. You are not alone! I, too LOVE Cost Plus World Market and am also proud to be part of their World Market Explorer program. :-) It’s honestly quite dangerous for me to shop there too often. I find myself going down each and every aisle — not looking for anything in particular — more just waiting for something to grab me. I usually end up having to get a cart. I saw the picture of the big vat of pretzels and holiday beer and immediately recognized one of my favorite pumpkin ales: Buffalo Bill’s Brewery Pumpkin Ale. That stuff is so addicting and good. I actually should stop by the store this week to pick some up before the season is over. LOL. And, I also buy their jewelry! Their earrings are super cute and affordable. :-) Can you tell I’m just a little bit excited about all this??

  2. Wonder Wheel says:

    Yes. I dunno why they don’t have any over NY way…. I love that place. You give them worthy props. I always was snagging wooden bowls and rice-y curtains and colorful cups….
    Gonna make the cardamom cake this week! x

  3. Jackie says:

    I love that place! I wish they would change their name because Cost Plus just doesn’t do it for me. I also love the holiday ornaments there. OH and they have a great after Thanksgiving sale.