Winged Wednesday: Maurice de Plumage Swoops in

This Wednesday has wings!

what with the wings

It knows how to use them.

wings back hummingbord

This is my garden buddy, Maurice de Plumage.  He swooped up on me while I was writing about four simple things. I promptly got snap happy with several devices. And I completely stopped waxing about four simple things.

wings back right

He hung around for a long time and didn’t freak out when I crept closer with my camera. He just chilled and appreciated the wispy breeze. Maurice and I totally had a moment.

Maurice de Plumage

See you this weekend for four simple ingredients that, when together, amount to much more. Here’s one of them:

purple radish slices

Until then…we’ll wing it!

p.s. Maurice respects the need for nectar and realizes you may need a snack. He recommends the Hummingbird Cupcakes with Pineapple Nectar Centers and Cream Cheese Frosting.

hummingbird cupcake with pineapple curd nectar center

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