Who Do You Love?

How often do you tell someone that you dig what they do?

It’s Who Do You Love Wednesday. I’m gonna get gushy about six blogs that hooked me on my first visit. I’m psyched when these people publish new posts. Here are the reigning queens and kings of my favorites bar. They shall never be unseated.

heart and arrowBraveTart by Stella Parks, goddess of rainbow sprinkles. I professed mad love for Stella’s skills, recipes and blog when I followed her tutorial for how to coil paper thin carrot shavings into pretty, little, sugared roses.

BraveTart is my pastry knowledge resource. When I want to understand a technique or ingredient I see what Stella has to say. And then I hang around marveling at her revamps of classic confections. How often do you get advice on how to recreate Black and White Cookies from a professional pastry chef that Food and Wine deemed Best Pastry Chef of 2012?

Stella…I oink you, big time!

heart drawingA Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis by Chef Dennis who is a chef, educator, mentor, purveyor of knowledge both culinary and bloggy. This man rocks!

I was thrilled when I finally peeled my attention away from the luscious photos and his solid, clearly written recipes to check out the Ask Chef Dennis page where Chef Dennis writes about all sorts of blogging basics in clear, everyday people language.

Thank you, Chef Dennis! You’ve dropped some serious know-how on me.

You’re a generous, gracious leader in the foodie community, a writer of awesome recipes and the creator of a compelling blog. You, Chef Dennis, are ridiculously cool. You lift people up and share what you know. I think that’s one of the best ways to be. Much respect, Chef Dennis. Oink!

mr bacon and the pigOkie Dokie Artie Chokie by my bloggy buddy, Stephanie. I’m a devoted okiedokieartichokie fan.

You know those times when you meet someone and  immediately think, “We’re gonna be friends.” That’s what I thought the very first time I read Steph’s writing.

She cooks with love in her heart, love in her hands.  And you can taste that just by looking at her soulful photos.

Her posts honoring her grandfather and his Peruvian recipes are touching and poetic. Steph cooks, thinks, writes in a way that just resonates with me. Her Aji Colorado is officially a staple in my pantry. Steph is a personal chef and food writer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Time to move there and hire her!

Stephanie…I steadfastly love your attitude toward life, memories, food and words. MWA!

cozy herbivore framesThe Cozy Herbivore by Sara May. Oh…how my heart speeds! Sara is the pastry chef at an old school soda fountain in Philly and  was awarded Rising Star Artisan by Star Chefs.

Get your veggie lovin’ on at thecozyherbivore where butter and bourbon rule.

Warning: you will laugh until big, fat tears roll down your face place. Sara’s writing is hilarious and witty.

One of these days I’m gonna go to Philly dressed up as a fluffy piece of kale and do jazz hands live and in person just for her. And then I’m gonna try every vintage-inspired pastry and concoction Sara creates at The Franklin Fountain until they turf me out. I’m gonna go back for breakfast the next day…dressed as a giant carrot.

Jazz hands to you, Sara! Shimmying, glimmery, vegetarian jazz hands…all for you!

couple in the kitchen heart and flowersA Couple in the Kitchen by Chris and Amy. Two foodies fell in love and created this funny, friendly, kick-ass blog. Cool, right?

Their motto is “A couple that sautés together stays together.” I second that emotion.

Wanna know how to make Aligot (and what the samheck Aligot is)? Go there!

A Couple in the Kitchen is chock full of recipes organized into an easily surfable site.

Do you need a recipe for red sauce inspired by Goodfellas? They have it! I’m so jealous of that post. I’m flashing hazel, friendly-envy eyes at you, Amy and Chris!

the sty gets busyJoy the Baker. I wrote Joy a super dorky e-mail detailing why I love her blog. You know that moment when you’re talking to someone and you start off somewhat cool and then you can hear yourself rambling but you can’t stop? Yeah…that kind of e-mail. I gushed. And that was the toned down version.

I completely love Joy the Baker. This is the first foodblog that held it down in my favorites bar and four years later it’s still there. Joy makes donuts, biscuits, scones, brownies, salads, entrees and smoothies. Joy puts peanut butter and pretzels in brownies. Killing me!

Dear Joy…I’m not a stalker. Promise! I’m just an awkward e-mailer and a serious fan of your work.

Happy Who Do You Love Wednesday, readers! Who do you love? Go give them some props. And OINK to you too! I’m cyber-sending you a happy, snorfling  oink. Pass it on!


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4 Responses to Who Do You Love?

  1. Chef Dennis says:

    thank you so much for your kind words, and for placing me within a group of such incredible bloggers. I am truly honored.

  2. We are honored to be included among such wonderful culinary company! Thank you, Jorie. You made our week! And we oink you right back!

  3. Jorie, you sweet woman you! Dang it, I blame you for making my eyes puffy so early this morning. :-p The kindest words ever! So thankful to have met you in this world of widest webs. Let’s be fwends forever and ever, kk? :-D Love yah! xo