White Wednesday: Vanilla Snow Cream

Country snow is different than city snow. There are bears in country snow…

carved bear sculptures in snow

and fast-flying ravens.

raven sculpture

Eerily pure pathways wait to eat fresh footprints.

country road snow untouched

Country snow is totally different than city snow. And if you’re lucky to have a good clean blanket laying over your landscape then you could make snow cream with country snow.

I was back in the city (and had traipsed through several cities) when I remembered snow cream. Snow cream was the frosty treat that sparked my lifelong fervor for icy beverages, sherbets, snow cones, slurpees and such.

Snow cream is simple, sweet, haphazard, freewheeling. There is no measuring EVER in snow cream making…at least not for me.

  1. Get a bowl…preferably a metal one and a wooden spoon.
  2. Scoop up clean snow in your metal bowl. City folks, get out your ice shaver.
  3. Dump in a little sugar, splash in vanilla extract, pour in a little cream and some milk.
  4. Swish it around with the wooden spoon.
  5. Taste, adjust. You’re looking for slushie consistency.
  6. Freeze a little more. You can sit the bowl outside in a little snow pile if you’re in the country. In the city we place it in the snowy-condition-maker (freezer) for a few minutes.
  7. Eat it straight out of the bowl with the wooden spoon. *This is half the fun plus a metal spoon gets seriously cold.

vanilla snow cream

Snow slurpee, country slushie. Vanilla Snow Cream is slightly sugar-crystal crunchy. It’s icy, cold, fast and fun.

Snow Cream is a sled ride down that perfect, steep hill in smooth, fast tracks. Stay frosty!

country pig snow

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4 Responses to White Wednesday: Vanilla Snow Cream

  1. Wonder Wheel says:

    This post just made me well up with hot happy tears– I’m not even kidding– ask my daughter! You are the coolest cook I know.

  2. Beautiful pictures, and what a fun thing to do with snow! True story: a few years I ago I splurged and bought myself some fancy smoked salt. I tasted it an immediately exclaimed to my sweetie “this tastes like snow!”

    She gave me the most puzzled look and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why smoked salt tasted like snow to me until I remembered that growing up we had a wood stove, which would infuse all of the snow I was shoving into my fat little cheeks with a smoky flavor.

    Now I’m thinking smoked vanilla snow cream should be a thing…