Where’d Ya Get that Wednesday: The Oinking Shopping Guide

It’s holiday gift shopping time for those of us who haven’t quite figured it all out yet. This is no time for watching bad television and eating Doritos (though that does sound rejuvenating).

Focus! We need to get ready for parties and help other people get ready for parties, right?

Meet Noble Goods where sleek craftsmanship and a soulful sensibility get together to create great objects. Noble Goods makes modern, handcrafted lazy susans, cheeseboards and coasters for your party-down tabletop. No sleep till Brooklyn…where these objects are born.

noble goods 2012

And just to keep the giving truly noble…Noble Goods uses sustainably grown and harvested wood plus ten percent of their annual profits is donated to Habitat for Humanity. Cool, right?

Noble Goods cheese board

Noble Goods even has the perfect gift for daring dudes: wood and resin men’s bracelets. Celebrate your man wrist!

Noble Goods mens bracelet

Shake your bro bangle! And don’t stress…Noble Goods makes these bodacious bracelets for women too. You can shop online for Noble Goods here. Or you can meet Christopher and Molly, noble purveyors of goods, in person at Brooklyn Craft Central Holiday Market this Saturday and Sunday (December 15-16) 11am-5pm. 622 Degraw Street in Gowanus (btwn 3rd and 4th Avenues)

Now we need to talk about present presentation. You want your gift to make a good first impression on its new person, right?

Meet Evergive bags from Alistar. Evergive bags are available in small, medium, large and in wine and champagne sizes. Grape and sparkle…you shall arrive in style.

Alistar Evergive fabric gift bags

I love that Ali, the star who creates these funky bags and such, allows the selvedge markings to be part of some bags. Sometimes you find a quiet, little poem hanging out on your Evergive beauty.

Alistar evergive veritbale

Try tying your ribbons to suit the recipient.

alistar evergive ties

Alistar also creates area rugs from industrial felt that I adore. The new line has small rugs in simple animal shapes. They are modern, whimsical and have a little edge…too cool! You can check our Alistar Tiptoe Rugs here.  Evergive bags are for sale on Etsy and here’s a link for you.

Alistar is proudly made in Canada where the bacon is round and totally different but still oink-worthy.

Happy giving and getting!

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2 Responses to Where’d Ya Get that Wednesday: The Oinking Shopping Guide

  1. I am in love with those bottle bags– adorable and chic! And look at how fancy you are with your ribbon-tying! I was just thinking to myself, as I wrapped presents today, ‘you know you should really actually learn how to make pretty bows and stuff instead of just haphazardly tying shit up and hoping for the best’ but then my laziness kicked in (typical) and I said ‘nah…” lol I like it when cute things like this make it pretty much impossible to screw up though. :-D

    • fatpig says:

      @Stephanie Those bags just saved me several hours of gift wrapping time last night! Tying the ribbon like a men’s tie is my favorite trick. I should try a Windsor knot and step up the fancy-pants-ness of it all, huh?