What’s That Wednesday: Shaohsing Cooking Wine

This is the worst sake my husband has ever tasted.

Shaohsing rice wine rainy window

This, however, is not sake. This is a bottle of rice cooking wine that costs $1.59 for 25.3 fluid ounces.

Twenty ounces were just chilling in the fridge, waiting to get all sorts of culinary when my dude poured them down the sink. I was out of town.

When my husband told me about that “horrible” sake he threw out I thought, “Huh…I don’t remember having any sake in that fridge.”

And then I asked him to describe the bottle. Big, red label, name starts with an S. This is exactly how my friend, Chong, described Shaohsing when she told me I should look for it at my awesome international market, Uwajimaya.

Shaohsing rice cooking wine lable

Shaohsing gives an acidic hit to sauces and marinades in Chinese cooking. A splash of Shaohsing will amp up a simple dish and gives that twist to Chinese food that you taste at a restaurant and can’t quite achieve at home. It’s similar to a pale, dry sherry or gin and comes in varying degrees of drinkability. I use this one because it’s inexpensive which allows me to experiment freely. I’ll graduate to a better grade that is actually drinkable eventually.

This Shaohsing is Not For Beverage. See above.

I like having this red-labeled Shaohsing cooking wine as my pantry staple. It was a great suggestion from a friend. My husband will never mistake it for sake again. And I’m amused by the whole thing so I smile when I see this bottle.

Shaohsing and Roundhouse sock

*Note: the dude has many good qualities such as giving me these awesome socks.

Next Wednesday let’s stay curious. Come on back for another What’s That Wednesday and we’ll use some of this Shaohsing in a dish.

Please bring your own drinkable beverage!

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  1. This post has us laughing out loud because it sounds like something that would happen at our house!