market share: west side market

Did you miss me?

I can explain. The dog ate my laptop.

I know. I don’t have a dog. But something definitely ate my kitchen.

….and my living room.

I’m gonna need a little help from my friends. Cue the Beatles. Enter the Molly!

My friend, Molly, visited her hometown and sent me this e-mail:

hey fat piggie!

I thought of you while I was in Cleveland because we visited the amazing West Side Market, an indoor food market that has been around since mid-nineteenth century. You would love it.

I do. I love it!

Look at that bull’s head, the levitating candy cane and the man about to put the chomp on a sandwich. I can smell fresh bread, smoked meats, citrus. I hear the clatter of loose-wheeled, delivery dollies.

Something about a busy market gets me sappy and misty. Not joking. I get misty over markets.

I know that’s weird.

I like to feel life swooshing around me, persistent and varied as the throb…speed….flutter of a heartbeat. It’s humbling.

Beautiful architecture and all kinds of culinary delights.

 Vaulted ceilings. I swoon.

We noticed a particularly long line in front of Frank’s Bratwurst and decided we had to try some.

Okay…$3.00 and $3.50 with sauerkraut? I’m in.

Cold pop. I love it when people call soda…pop. Sounds so country store, so frosty. Andy and Opie.

Bratwurst is far from my favorite – it creeps me out that the ‘skin’ is almost crunchy – but it was really yummy.

Crunchy skin….YES PLEASE! Sorry, Molly, I understand the creep factor but guess what? Be creeped out no more because that’s casing, not skin. I suggest glossing over any wondering you have about the origins of casing if you’re easily creeped.

Just gloss and think of the deliciously crisp envelope filled with juicy goodness you are about to put the chomp on.

Good choice on the sauerkraut. Definitely worth the extra 50 cents.

And worth a trip to Ohio, I say. If I could leave the dusty mess of my un-kitchen I’d be there getting misty, chomping on a sauerkraut-loaded Brat and gleefully ordering pop.

If you’re like me and have some other things to deal with then you can order from Frank’s Bratwurst online.

Thanks for the market share, Molly!

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