Watery Wednesday: The Grouchy Radiator and The Muse

My photo shoot was rudely interrupted this morning by the radiator in my art studio which started spouting hot water. Lots of hot water.

He’s an old work horse …a growling, hissing, loud-thumping heater. This dude is ancient and crotchety.

grouchy radiator

The new, friendly Superintendents came over and fixed it…we think. Like I said that radiator is old and grouchy. I’m waiting for the steam to come back on and then we’ll know. Fingers crossed.

But it’s Wednesday and we can still hang out, right? It’s nice to have some company while I wait. And I have a funny story. Let me set the scene for you. This is NYC. We live in small spaces.

art studio

And my art studio is an oddly shaped, compact, corner room. I suppose you could say I have some unusual stuff hanging around in the studio.

art studio friends

These objects harbor stories and have meaning for me.

Bobo and friends

Especially the Chinese temple guard my friends, John and Chong, gave me for my birthday one year. I fell in love with him at the Sunday flea market. Chong and John bought him for me and loaded his heavy wooden body into a taxi and up several flights of narrow stairs to my apartment. I love this memory and I love the temple guard. He is my muse and the protector of all things artsy in this home. He chills (in the most dignified and slightly fierce way) by the window in an industrial office chair.

free spirit bike and temple guard

Like I said the studio is a small space. The Supers were busy looking at the ancient, hissing radiator when one of them took a step back to check out my rainbow-painted, banana seat, Free Spirit bike.  He leaned down a little and turned to see if he could back up which brought him face to face with my muse.

temple guard face

Scared the Wednesday out of him. He shrieked and jumped…like really jumped…up in the air and grabbing his heart. It was hilarious! He laughed with us once he recovered.

Anyway…that’s my funny story for you today. I’m hoping my muse is gonna keep a stern eye trained on that radiator. So far so good. I’ll get back to making us a snack as soon as I clean up the mess.

Happy Watery Wednesday!

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5 Responses to Watery Wednesday: The Grouchy Radiator and The Muse

  1. I seriously love your collection of things. So cool. Also, I want to put that temple guard on a chair next to people’s beds while they are sleeping and scare the shit out of them. First thing I thought of.

    • fatpig says:

      @Stephanie I thank you and the temple guard thanks you fiercely! He moves around the apartment and has totally scared some delivery men when he stood by the entry door.

  2. Great story! Yeah…we are all too familiar with those ancient radiators – we have one in every room.

  3. Annikan says:

    I remember another steam incident with maybe the same radiator? Hot steam pumping out through the window into the winter cold air do look like a serious fire going on. It included huge handsome firemen trashing all your cd’s – one of them pointing his flashlight to and closely examine the Winnie the Poh illustrations you had framed on one wall. And the two serious and kind of chubby policeofficers with different focus: one trying to see if the door showed any forced entry and the other calmly saying that steam is good for your skin. One of my favourite memory from your place.

    • fatpig says:

      @Annikan YES! Those hot firemen came and rescued us! These radiators are lifelong pranksters, huh? Oh….I just remembered that I had a big collection of wine and liquor bottles on my work table that day because I was putting fake labels on them for a super low budget film I was working on. And I felt the need to sheepishly explain to the firemen that we weren’t moonshining or something. I love that memory too. XO to you my Swedish friend!