Wassail Wednesday: Spiced Orange Wassail and Wassup

There are many ways to wassail: friendly caroling for figgy puddings, marauding for mead which was probably accompanied by a belting-it-out battle cry. Pagans sang incantations to keep evil spirits away from apple orchards and enchant audiences of trees.

Spiced Orange Rum Wassail

The word wassail can be traced to Waes Hael, an Old English glass-in-the-air toast which translates to good health. Drinc Hael  (drink health) is the appropriate response.

Waes Hael is the wassup?! of Old English which makes Drinc hael Old English for “yeah boy!”

Wassail is also a warm, spiced drink. However you want to say it and in whatever language rolls easy…tis the season when you might just need one of those warm (or frosty) spicy drinks.

spiced orange wassup wassail

Spiced Orange Wassail and Spiced Orange Wassup both start off with a citrusy simple syrup. Vanilla (beans and pod), whole cloves and Vietnamese cinnamon are steeped in fresh orange juice. Add sugar, simmer to infuse and thicken and you have Orange Spiced Simple Syrup. Sip it warm with a shot of rum and a generous splash of hot water and you’re officially wassailing. Relax, sip away.

Mix it with seltzer and a shot of vodka over ice and you have a Spiced Orange Wassup. Vanilla bean really stands out in this frosty cocktail. It’s refreshing and soothing simultaneously. Leave out the vodka for an equally festive, virgin version.

Spiced Orange Vodka Wassup

Happy Wassail Wednesday!

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2 Responses to Wassail Wednesday: Spiced Orange Wassail and Wassup

  1. What a festive little tipple you’ve got there, ma’am! I think I may have to throw it together for my family’s annual “Let’s get drunk before church on Christmas Eve” gathering. Inspirational!

    Hope your holidays are merry & bright.