Wash Down Wednesday: cans, bottles, concoctions and props

This market aisle gives me satisfaction and jazz-in-the-heart by which I mean…imagine that your heart got giddy and busted out the jazz hands. Jazz heart.

Wash Down Wednesday Uwajimaya aisle

I really like lined up cans. Really. Thank you, Warhol…you own the soup can and I’ve got the beverages.

I decorate my bar with potential mixers and neat stacks of Wonder Drink. It’s potable décor. Tired of looking at it? Drink it up. Done.

I haven’t even tried Wonder Drink because I love this little stack of slim cans. Also…it might not taste so wonderful. It’s canned kombucha. All signs point to maybe not.

Wash Down Wednesday Wonder and such on the fat pig bar

Is this an unwittingly weird Wednesday? One wonders. Let’s wander over to the fridge for refreshment where there is a selection of cold milky teas, coffees and a juice box container of black sesame drink.

Wash Down Wednesday fridge stash

I have some guidelines for purchasing coffee drinks:

  1. costs under or close to under one dollar
  2. strong
  3. goes well with a lounge chair, magazine, sunshine
  4. must have good label  (odd and campy get immediate approval)
  5. mocha = yes

I guess I’m an elixir adventurer or something like that…a wash down warrior boldly collecting coffee concoctions, juices, sodas and such.

Wash Down Wednesday botle brigade

I’m intrigued by that Lemon Tea Drink with Basil Seed. But it could easily be like that time I tried a fresh Kombucha (which I dig) with chia seeds suspended in it (no dig).

Oddly, I don’t really drink sodas or sweet drinks often. I consider them to be a treat which is probably part of why I enjoy reveling in them. And I love bottles shapes and snappy labels. Soda bottles in a haphazard cluster with summertime flowers plunked in them are my kind of table décor. I like that casual, happy, something-from-nothing pretty.

flowers in soda bottles

There are little poems waiting to be found in the arrangement of simple everyday objects.

Longevity condensed milk can with petunias

There’s a little more life for all these containers to hold. It’s recycling times two.

I toast you, Wash Down Wednesday, with various concoctions and a willingness to sample weird and wacky drinks.

Have I convinced you to take up this questionable hobby, this drinkable decor collecting?

I look out for interesting drinks regularly and find many in little delis. World Market has a great selection. There are plenty of places to search through in the Chelsea Market in NYC. And of course…again….in Washington you just really need to go to Uwajimaya.

Nichol and Mezzetta

Wanna rustle up a homemade libation? Here’s a link to my super strong ginger ale complete with really bad photos because this was one of my first posts. Sometimes I think about reshooting some of my early posts but I like them. They kinda suck which means I have proof that I’ve accomplished something.

I’m okay with where I’ve come from. I’d even put on my Devo-inspired diagonal zipper jumpsuit and do the robot for you if I still had it. And I totally wish I still had that jumpsuit.

Anyway…here’s my Concord Rosemary Gin Fizz concoction, Orange Spiced Wassail and Wassup and a lemony limoncello (in case you wanna work for the long term) for your homemade cocktailing needs.

Happy Wash Down Wednesday!

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5 Responses to Wash Down Wednesday: cans, bottles, concoctions and props

  1. Just went to my local Asian market and picked up some beverages as well! And BTW, the “fresh” soy milk in the cooler does not taste the same as the more mainstream varieties. It was sort of sour. :-/ Kinda funny though, yesterday I went with the intention of only buying soy sauce and fish sauce so I didn’t grab a basket. But then I started finding more things so I had to get a basket. And then I filled up the basket so I had to trade it in for a cart. :-p

  2. Molly Van Meter says:

    This post makes the sage green Laura Ashley jumpsuit jealous!

  3. Jazz hands all around! (I’m so glad you’re bringing those back)

    I’m naturally timid around weird/wonderful soda & juice drinks, I say because I’m virtuously trying to Avoid Sugar, but really I’ve had some bad experiences that have soured me on mysterious bottles. (I heartily agree that kombucha = delicious but kombucha + chia seeds = no no nononono) But you have inspired me to be brave! Plus you have reminded me that I always need cocktail mixers in my life!

    And you simply must come and visit me in Philly some time. Our ice cream parlor has a large selection of weird and wonderful vintage sodas, I think you would be delighted with the selection. (Moxie, by the way, is SPECTACULAR if you haven’t tried it…)

    • fatpig says:

      @Sara The Cozy Herbivore I’ve never tried Moxie and am now on the hunt for it. Believe me…if I’m ever in Philly I will be stationed at The Franklin Fountain slurping down sodas and eating donuts big time. And I’ll do all sorts of jazz hands in your honor!