W for Wednesday

We’re hangin’ on Wednesdays, right? It’s our midweek, pick-us-up moment.

Cocolate Eclair Bar and art wall for Wanderin Wednesday

So many wondrous things start with a breezy, optimistic W sound. Like Washington Wine. Let’s taste small batch, boutique wines from the Pacific Northwest.

Swine on Wine bottle corkscrew pig cork

The Swine on Wine will wing through here on Wednesdays. Finally…I’ve suckered someone into helping me with this blog. The Swine on Wine is a collective with two members: me (the fat pig) and my husband who is still deciding on his moniker and who is responsible for the wine boxes stacked in our closets. The Swine on Wine will have tasting notes and other grape stuff.

We like wine and we like local which means we’ll tell you about what we’re drinking wherever we’re drinking it. It’ll be like hanging and traveling with people who are learning about wine in a laid back, west coast way.

Swine on Wine Notebook and loungey chairs

Let’s go on field trips and speak in photos: Wanderin’ Wednesdays.

art wall in Pioneer Square Seattle

What’s That Wednesdays will be when I find something not so typical in a market and figure out how to use it…hopefully well.

Chinese Long Beans whats that wednesday

Weird Wednesdays might find us.

after the balloon party Seattle Weird Wednesday

Wild, whimsical, warmhearted, wackadoodle Wednesdays…we will have them and they will start with the optimistic kiss of W.

I’ve always liked the word Wednesday. Wednesdays call to me so I’m callin’ you.

wine bottle cork heart with pig alistar bags whats goin on wednesday

Wanna hang out on Wednesdays?


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4 Responses to W for Wednesday

  1. Yes! I wanna hang out with you on Wednesdays. I love, love, LOVE this post. It totally made me smile, and believe me, it’s been one of those days. I needed a smile. So thank you very much for that.

    • fatpig says:

      @Sara The Cozy Herbivore Thank you! I totally dig your blog too so I’m extra psyched that I’ve cheered you up. See you on Wednesdays. No woesome or woebegotten Wednesdays…promise!

  2. I’m in! I especially look forward to Weird Wednesdays, my kinda day. :)