Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla bean meet sugar. In two weeks these sweet crystals will be smoldering with fragrant, rich vanilla.

vanilla sugar ingredients

This is an uncomplicated and happy union.

vanilla sugar smiley face

I’m a fan of fresh vanilla beans. I’ve said this here before: if you haven’t split open a fresh vanilla bean pod and inhaled that first heady waft of rich vanilla…then maybe put it on your bucket list. This is a simple, rewarding pleasure.

Vanilla Sugar takes about 6 minutes to make. Plus two weeks. You’re supposed to wait till the sugar and the vanilla beans and pods get super into each other and go steady. I can’t say I’ve always waited that long to start adding a little Vanilla Sugar to my morning cortados. That just wouldn’t be true.

vanilla sugar with pods

Sprinkle it on fresh berries.  Festoon some cookie dough with Vanilla Sugar just before baking. Use it to sweeten and vanilla-fy your coffee, tea, whatnot. Add a spoonful to a savory sauce to add sweet balance.

Vanilla Sugar can be stored in an airtight container. I like to give it a shake or open the container up and stir the sugar a bit every once in a while during the two weeks of steeping.

This also gives you an opportunity to snitch a bit for your coffee or berries or something if you’re that sort of person. In which case…you’re the right kind of sinner, sugar taker. And if you need a musical interlude those highlighted words will take you there. Invincible winner.

vanilla sugar in heavenly jam jar

I’m storing my nyc stash of Vanilla Sugar in a small jar that once held jam homemade by my friend, John.  I decided that this, too, is a heavenly jam. And I like seeing his handwriting. I’m sentimental like that sometimes.

Here’s the recipe:

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