Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream Parfait

Dessert can be simple, pretty, light. And preferably luscious, silky, layered. Like love. Enter the parfait.

vanilla bean whipped cream parfait

A classic French parfait includes eggs, cream and syrup whipped then frozen into a balanced, velvety dessert. Parfait translates to perfect. I’m going with the popular American version which is usually layers of fruit, nuts and whipped cream or yogurt.

Parfaits are easy to whisk up and can be adapted to what you have on hand. Make your version of perfect.

parfait ingredients still life

I used Korean pear and blueberries soaked in lime, ginger, mint and brown sugar then layered with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream and topped with golden, toasted coconut.

I serve parfaits in pretty, little vintage glasses. Parfaits and vintage just go together for me.

The contrast of cold fruit with fluffy whipped cream is what this dessert is about. I sliced the pear thinly and then into bite-sized wedges. Whatever lovely tidbits you may use keep in mind the balance of one light bite. The idea is to get a little splash from each ingredient in every bite.

Soaking the fruit in lime juice, mint, fresh ginger and brown sugar infuses it with a citrusy, herbaceous and slightly sweet syrup. Let this mixture rest in the refrigerator for at least ten minutes, longer if  have time or would like to make this ahead of time (note: good dinner party option).

Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream Parfait is an easy, quick to concoct treat. I like serving parfaits when I’m lightening up my diet but I want something to sate the sweet lover in me…the part of me that has donuts in the DNA.

It’s the month of love around here but it’s also Fitness February which is basically when we finally decide we can’t be party, steak and dessert hounds year round. Love thyself with perfect parfaits! And, as always, perfect is open to interpretation.

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One Response to Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream Parfait

  1. I don’t think anyone said it better than donkey himself in Shrek when he proclaimed, “Parfaits are delicious.” :) So pretty and light! I’ve never had a Korean pear but I think I’ve seen it at the Asian market. I’ll hafta pick some up next time. Perfectly toasted coconut, BTW. :)