Today is the day. Fat pig in the Market is two years old.

two of hearts and other props

Two years of oinking have occurred in this slice of cyberspace.

fat pig in the market birthday oinking party

What?! What?!

oink oink: fat pig in the market is two

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Historically I’ve gotten less than stellar yields from such crops of wishes, champagne plans. It works out better when I do a little looking, both forward and backward, on my birthday. So that’s what this blog, Fat Pig in the Market, is gonna do to celebrate its two years of oinking.

This year let’s have more parties. People like parties. There should be cakey cookie pies at some of these shindigs.

I still owe you a post about pizza. Pizzas (plural!) plus parties equals good especially when there’s pancetta involved.

Fig Manchego Pancetta Shallot pizza

Wanna do something on Wednesdays? It’ll be a midweek pick-me-up kinda thing. Sometimes we should totally have wine on Wednesdays…and let’s keep it local.

Full Pull bar top

Wednesday is also a good day for wondering. What’s That? Wednesday is comin’ at ya!

Chamoe Korean melon

Let’s go places and try soups. Eat soups. Make soups. Travel. New mantra: found!

sopa a alentejana ingredients cilantro bread olive oil

Let’s always celebrate Halloween with something green.

Matcha Madeleines with sugar dusting equipment

Let’s hang out more often and eat ice cream.

pink peppercorn ice cream

Sometimes we’ll eat salad and it’ll be pretty.

pretty bunnies salad

Today is this blog’s birthday. This is a day when I want to say thank you to my husband who gave me an awesome camera and who continues to offer support and feedback (graciously received and otherwise) on experimental dishes and do-overs. Thank you! I will always cook your bacon just the way you like it and I will totally, patiently caramelize shallots for you. Always. Promise.

Today is also a day when I want to say that if you’re reading this blog then you’re here and I am psyched about that. Thank you! I hope you enjoy this space, this idea, my ramblings, recipes and occasional bouts of rhyming.

Let’s keep on keepin’ on because I oink you…

writer of fat pig in the market

…and I still feel a little thrill every time I hit that that publish button. Thank you for being part of that!

XO fat pig

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6 Responses to two

  1. Congrats, congrats on your birday! :) Been loving reading your words and learning all about wonderful you! Keep going girl! Sorry about the exclamations, very hyper at the moment!

  2. Scott says:

    I can’t wait for another year of cooking delights and food-eating adventure! Pizzas, weird stuff from the International district and all sorts of meals I can’t even imagine…I better keep going to the gym! Keep Oinking!

  3. Molly Van Meter says:

    Happy Birthday Weinerdawg!