to market

The fat pig is off to market!

I am jazzed up about starting this blog and somewhat overwhelmed by how much stuff I need to learn. WordPress tweaking. Measuring when I cook.

I love the handful of this, splash of that style……a loosey goosey kinda fun that garners varied and occassionally “eh” results. I feel like a superstar when I throw something together and it rocks.

You: This is soooo good! What’d you put in this?

Moi: Oh…you know…a slather of butter, melody of spices….I just threw it all together and voila. You’re welcome!

I don’t usually refer to myself as moi…don’t worry. And I promise to measure even when I have to take the spinach back out of the bowl, jam it in the marked cup and return it to the bowl again because two big ole handfuls…big like hockey paw handfuls… probably not descriptive enough, huh? Moi will do that! Promise.

See you soon! I’ll bring the yum!

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2 Responses to to market

  1. chong says:


    Trying out your earthy recipes will help me get through this freezing cold winter.

    ” Almost everything is art, the rest is food “

  2. Christina del B. says:

    At long last! Looking forward to hearing about some yummy ideas for Thanksgiving! How about a recipe for cocktails from HEAVY SUGAR??? I happen to have a jar in the refridg. Good luck with this.