This pig…this oinking sty is three.

mister bacon fatpiginthemarket birthday three

Oink oink oink, boss.

three wooden spoons France

Time to resurface from the extended blog break I just took and get back to bacon, baking and possibly some macon. Time to stop wondering about fence sides and futures.

sides of the fence fall leaves pioneer square seattle

See you back here soon for regular snacks, drinks and mayhaps some new features. I’ve been trying to work the word mayhaps into a post for a while. Mayhaps accomplished. Boom.

maple leaves pionner square seattle

Let’s definitely  have some new features, new ideas, adventures, recipes, wonderings and wanders. And words and Wednesdays and other oinking days.

If you’ve been visting this cyber-sty for three years (or even two years, one year or three scintillating minutes) then thank you, merci, gracias….you oinking rock!

We are three, son. Wallow on.

p.s. Did you know I hide links to songs in my posts sometimes? It’s year three so it seems like I should tell you in case you need some tunes. Wallow on,  oinkers, sing your song.

Here are some highlights from the past:

gypsy lunch in gardendry fried Shaosing glazed long beansvanilla bean whipped cream parfait

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2 Responses to three

  1. Stephanie says:

    Happy 3 Year Blogiversary! Mine came and went and I totally forgot about it! :-/ Lame-o. Cheers to you and many more delicious years! :)