Weird Wednesday: Yvonne’s Brunch Party

This is Yvonne.

Yvonne spoon

None of the spoons are gonna match at Yvonne’s brunch party.

Yvonne's mismatched brunch guests

These are Yvonne’s people and that’s how she likes them.

Yvonne and the mismatched spoons

Each began within a matching set then managed to vanish under various, tarnished circumstances. Some took passage in the inside jacket pockets of lushy, light-fingered party attendees.

Yvonne's brunch party a lost scene

One slipped from a cobalt velvet storage box just before the lid snapped shut. It spent months lolling in shadows, grooves gathering an oily dust, until a slobbery beagle buried it beside a half-chewed bone.

The smallest of them could recall only wispy, yellow feathers and the metallic snap of outdoor air.

yellow feather gilt hand

Lost as they may have been, journeying became them and brought them home.

Yvonne veritable

This is Yvonne’s Brunch Party. If you travel here you will arrive exactly as you should be.

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8 Responses to Weird Wednesday: Yvonne’s Brunch Party

  1. Molly Van Meter says:

    Guinness and Saskia have just discovered Eloise and they are obsessed! WD!

  2. Yvonne’s parties sound like so much fun! Perhaps because I WAS that blonde-haired-blue-eyed demon child I don’t find her frightening… just like someone I would hang out with back in the day. And I might have cut her hair when she turned her head or pushed her in the mud puddle because that’s what terrors like me do. Did, I mean. :)

  3. What is it about little children from back in the day that freak me out so? lol…The way she’s standing there giving me that sidelong glance…I feel like she’s going to do something horrible. lol By the way, did you see the video elevator prank that went viral last week? This is what it sort of reminds me of. Traumatized forevs.

    • fatpig says:

      @Stephanie@okiedokieartichockie I just saw that elevator prank! Now Yvonne reminds me of it too…power of suggestion. I think back-in-the-day little kids are spooky because they appear so neat and well-behaved. That’s how you know they’re up to something!

  4. Penine says:

    Love the little hand. Course the ring. Best of all, the non-story is evocative.

    • fatpig says:

      Thank you Madame Penine! I found that little gilt hand on a sidewalk. It needed a home so of course I adopted it. And thank you for that sweet little ring you gave me.