The Sunflowers and the Square

These heavy-headed sunflowers went to market…

sunflower seller occidental square seattle

…in a park with brick sidewalks, leafy skies and yellow, construction vehicles.

Sunflower Occidental Park Seattle

The market was pretty and farm fresh. But the nearby construction was kinda loud so they were happy to go for a walk, see a neighborhood smack in the midst of change.

sunflowers North Lot construction Seattle Pioneer Square

Lots of locals were hanging out.

Horned Owl and sunflowers Seattle

Many of them were sporting excellent hues…

sunflowers Volkswagon Pioneer Square Seattle

and urban edge.

Sunflower and yellow curb Pionner Square Seattle

The six sunflowers flowers ran into some like-minded shapes who had tempting timing.

sunflowers and FX McRory clock Pioneer Square Seattle

~ fat pig whispers from offstage: FX McRory’s (who owns this Time To Dine clock) serves bar-tastic, finger-lickin’ chicken wings, buttery prime rib and crunchy, loaded nachos. Woot!

Then they checked out the new vibe that fresh cement was laying down.

sunflower new sidewalk

They stopped to shop for dinner.

sunflowers Rainshadow Meats Pioneer Square Seattle

~ fat pig oinking again from offstage where apparently it’s challenging to stay quiet: Rain Shadow Meats in Pioneer Square rocks: immaculate butcher shop with lunch counter that serves beverages and snacks through happy hour. There’s beer, celery sodas, fat sandwiches, steak tartar, charcuterie, cheeses and such. Sometimes they have bread pudding. Go there!

Six center-seeded sunflowers went wandering through shimmery city streets…

sunflower and glass sidewalk

past tall towers, high in the cloudstruck sky

sunflowers Smith Tower Seattle

across yellow-striped pathways

sunflower crossing

all the way home where a hippo on a wall said hello in a hexagon.

sunflowers hippo hex mirror hair profile

The heavy-headed sunflowers were pleased to see that the whole myth about flowers choosing people who look like them was accurate after all. Or at least it was for them on that August afternoon in Pioneer Square.

Wee wee wee…all the way home.

Links to locations and supporting cast in order of appearance:

Pike Place Express Market – Occidental Park

Stadium Place – North Lot Development

Horned Owl by Thomas Stream – Stonington Gallery

FX McRory’s

Rain Shadow Meats – Pioneer Square

Smith Tower

Hippo Head – West Elm

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