sunlight and shade – cuba

Cuban sunshine has heavy hands. Bright white midday beams will give you with the old one-two punch when combo-ed with humidity’s thick soup.

It’s enough to make paint bubble from simmering city walls.

sun graffiti cuba

Thankfully, Cuba benefits from Caribbean trade winds and other breeze generators.

celing fans architecture

Spend some time here and you’ll start choosing to chill on the cooler side of the street.

men chatting cuba

You’ll motor to your most important appointments while staying in a slim slice of shady.

dog shady side street

Cubans have this skill down.

lizard stained glass wall

Big time.

Iguana chilling

Like in many sunstruck places there’s definitely a time in every day to retreat to a cooler spot.

landscape window

If you were super fortunate this might be your mosaic oasis.

Casa Fuster pool

Or maybe you’d loll in a cabana kingdom like a lion on reverse safari.

poolside cabana view

Look! There’s a Red-Hatted Dad Bod (European Swimsuit Edition) at rest on the sunstruck shores.

I bet you need a beverage now. And then we’ll find some music worth oinking about.

oink cuba

See you back here soon with more moments from Cuba.

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