With and Without: Strawberry Soda and Heavy Cream

Bright moments happen when strawberries, Meyer lemon, vanilla bean and seltzer meet.

strawberry meyer lemon soda

I’m a fan of bright moments and stripey straws.

strawberry meyer lemon soda with striped straw

Strawberries were on sale and looking good this week at my local market. Meyer lemons were hanging out in yellow mesh bags…acting affordable. Plus there was sunshine.

This is a serious miracle in the Pacific Northwest where the sun is coy.

dramatic northwest sky

Seize that serious, sudden, bright moment!

Fresh vanilla beans bring a calm smoothness to this beverage. Meyer lemon juice brightens and highlights the fruity sweetness of fresh strawberries.

meyer lemon halves

In case you haven’t tried one…Meyer lemons have the crisscrossed taste of mandarin orange and lemon. They are aromatic, sweet, slightly tart and rounder than straightforward lemons. That’s how Meyer lemons roll.

meyer lemons rolling

Since we’re seizing the moment we should add some heavy cream to this concoction.

heavy cream in strawberry meyer lemon soda

Heavy cream poured into a crisp, fruit-sweet strawberry soda is totally good for truly appreciating a bright moment.

strawberry meyer lemon vanilla cream soda

Strawberry Cream Soda. Sparkly, light milkshake.

It’s like you listened to the devil on your devil shoulder just a little bit but you didn’t sell your soul.

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One Response to With and Without: Strawberry Soda and Heavy Cream

  1. Holy crap, that looks awesome! How interesting with the vanilla beans and Meyer lemons and then you just go and drizzle in some heavy cream and I’m like gah…food drunk. Sounds like the perfect spring or summer drink. :-D