Spring Vegetable Soup with Slivers of Sizzle

This is an art studio luncheon. A simple bowl of soup on a rickety, round table gussied up with vintage linen and a milk glass cake plate. A Spring bloom in the delicate, glass vase my buddy and former roomie, Betsy (hello Betsy Loo…I miss you!), gave me. Busy city street.

spring soup city street

Paper thin slivers of potatoes and carrots are the magic in this soup. I do my best to slice them super thin…translucently thin. Use a mandoline if you have one. I need to get one of those suckers.

Thinly slivered veggies cook quickly. And you’ll get a little bite of each ingredient in every spoonful. There’s a supporting cast of tender leeks, crisp green beans and one sumptuous piece of slab bacon because good things begin with bacon.

spring vegetable soup

Spring Vegetable Soup starts up with sizzling bacon slivers which gives this soup a lightly smoky, slightly sinful taste. Bacon is the mischievous background player in this production that you just can’t help noticing.

I throw in whole pink peppercorns while the soup simmers to add a quiet, subtly floral note. This is a Spring soup after all.

Spring Vegetable Soup close

It’s time for light, bright, veggie-loaded soup with a tinge of naughty richness. Time to savor a view, buy a bloom from your favorite flower shop, watch the city buzz by and sup soup.

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One Response to Spring Vegetable Soup with Slivers of Sizzle

  1. I made a spring veggie soup in a very similar fashion just yesterday, minus the bacon of course. It’s the perfect time of year for that– not quite warm enough for cool foods, but the body does crave veggies when the sun comes out… lovely, as usual!