Sopa a Alentejana: Portuguese Cilantro Bread Soup

Lisbon will always be dreamy to me. I spent my honeymoon there.

Cintra Portugal ruin

In Lisbon beauty is often hidden…

painted wall LX Hotel Lisbon Portugal Lisboa


Porto Final restaurant Cacilhas Portugal


red tile roof Lisbon Portugal Lisboa

The food is simple and comforting or at least that’s the sort of food we went there to eat in small cafes. For me this meant soup…and chamussas, paprika chicken, fluffy donut-ball pastries, ham, seafood. But first I tried simple, classic, comforting soups because soups have healing properties.

In case you didn’t know, now you know: soup!

sopa a alentejana

Sopa a Alentejana definitely has healing properties. It’s a jet lag fixer. The rich, flavorful broth is a garlic infused chicken stock that gets finished with fresh cilantro, salt, pepper, more garlic, olive oil and then poured over toasted (or day old) bread and topped with an egg poached in the broth. It is simple and soulful.

sopa a alentejana bread cilantro olive oil garlic salt

I usually make the stock a day before I want to serve Sopa a Alentejana. It takes about fifteen minutes to get it going. Then I let the stock simmer down into deep garlicky goodness for two hours which is ample time for cruising around the homeplace in fluffy socks, eating too many Macrona almonds while obsessing over writer’s block, watching Marley (the Bob biography not the Owen and a dog movie) or whatever you like to do when you do you.

I’m just saying that those are some things that could be done during simmer down time.

The stock can be kept in the fridge for a few days or frozen for later use. Turning the stock into Sopa a Alentejana takes about 15-20 minutes and is done right before serving which makes it a good option for a dinner party starter or even a quick weeknight dinner component.

I’ve definitely had Sopa a Alentejana for lunch and even once or twice for breakfast which I guess would make it breakfast soup.

I really like the idea of breakfast soup. Totally good way to start a day.

Bom Dia!


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3 Responses to Sopa a Alentejana: Portuguese Cilantro Bread Soup

  1. The other day when I stumbled upon your blog I really enjoyed browsing your site, and thank you so much for stopping by my blog too. You have very good vision to capture good and unique things and I love how you look at things – like the pictures here. It’s something I want to work on when I take pictures and it was definitely fun to see how you take pictures of food and scenery, etc. I also love your soup too – simple yet delicious!!!

  2. That looks like a really interesting soup! And the photos you took are gorgeous! Oh I just love traveling. :)

  3. Molly Van Meter says:

    Yummers. My whole family will oink this up, especially the girls. Thanks! WD!