What What Wednesday: Shaohsing Glazed Chinese Long Beans

This is a double what Wednesday. Last week we talked about Shaohsing cooking wine. Now we’re adding Chinese long beans. Long beans are beautiful… long beans twisted bunch

and oddly ugly but somehow still beautiful.

Long beans are crazy looking to my eye so I want to keep looking at them. They’re drapey, slightly alien. Chinese long beans are avant-garde, ankle-grazing gowns alongside day-to-night shift dresses which are good ole, green beans.

So declares the Project Runway fan within me.long beans on slate

Long beans are starchier and slightly nuttier tasting than the American, garden variety green bean. They absorb flavors well and hold up to high heat cooking which is why we’re going to singe them till they blister.  Then we’re gonna glaze these beans with a gingery, tangy Shaohsing concoction and festoon ’em with sesame seeds.

Get your cooking oil totally hot before you proceed to the blistering. The goal is to sear these beans to fork-tender very quickly. There is no lolling around in a  semi-hot pan soaking up extra oil happening here.

This is a simple, quick way to experiment with Shaohsing and long beans. You’ll need about ten minutes for prep and seven minutes for cooking. Add in pork, beef, chicken, veggies, tofu, whatnot and some rice to make this side dish dinner-worthy.

dry fried Shaosing glazed long beans

Can’t find long beans. Bummer. Never fear: the Shaohsing glaze in this recipe can be used for your own stir fry adventures.

Go forth with high heat, curious heart and hungry eyes!

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