Seattle – city of champions

I’ve been meaning to tell you more about this easygoing, port city on the Puget Sound where I spend some free time: Seattle.

cranes Seattle

And since one of my favorite people recently visited the Emerald City this seems like a good time to start with the telling. And the showing. Last time my friend visited I named a cookie after her.

Scowby Snacks cookie Calder photo linen

This time she picked her fantasy football team. That’s a good thing to do when you’re in the city of Super Bowl champions. Seahawks!

12 Wave Seattle Seahawks

If you visit Seattle then know this: Seahawk fans are Guinness World Record loud. We’re so loud our crowd registered 137.6 decibels during one game. That’s louder than a jet takeoff at 100 meters. This city is louder than eleven…this one goes to eleven plus one: twelve.

The 12 flags, banners and signs you see all over town stand for the 12th man: the fans. There are eleven players on the field and the twelfth man is the collective of the loudest, proudest fans in the NFL. Seaaaahaaaawwwks!

But let’s get back to seeing more of the city. The rest of the photos in this post (and the first photo of shipping cranes) were shot by my cookie-worthy friend, Alison. Here is Seattle through her lens:

Seattle has an awesome aquarium.

seattle aqaurium

We rock curious and cute.

Seattle aquarium sea lion

Farmer’s market flowers are lush and super affordable in this sunny-in-the-summer city.

flowers at market seattle

Heavy-headed sunflowers are ready to follow you home from the market.

sunflowers at Seattle Farmer's Market

Luscious tomatoes, with and without heirloom pedigrees, are fresh from the farm and vine-ripened.

Tomatoes at Farmer's Market Seattle

Tugboats roll through Lake Union. The Space Needle chills.

Seattle Lake Union

Seattle is quietly wondrous.

wonder seattle

If you wander down Post Alley and slink beneath Pike Place Market you’ll find this sorta beautiful and kinda gross bubblegum wall.

Seattle Post Alley gum wall

*Please note: woman in super cool chevron poncho. Nice stripey poncho, PNW lady!

The Pacific Northwest does dramatic sky very well. It’s the sort of drama you’re happy to ponder. Though I guess this city also has another sort of drama: the Seattle freeze. But we’ll need some sort of beverage and more time to get into that. Let’s just gaze at cloud drama and think sky-loving thoughts.

Gasworks Park Seattle

Dear Alison…I know you’re a Broncos fan but the Seahawks are gonna beet ya.

Seattle farmer's market beets

Thanks for the photos, Alison. Come back soon. Oink, boss!

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