scowby snacks

Finally! An old friend visited me in a new town. It’s been two years since Scowby and I have hung out in person. That’s ridiculous.

clockface  clown and cookies

People who actually enjoy my enthusiastic tour of the international grocery store…which includes a meander by the net-your-own-oyster tanks and a stop by the section of the butcher reserved for foodies who don’t get squeamish…should visit more often.

coconut oats and dark chocolate chunk cookies

People who like shredded coconut and dark chocolate chunks in cookies are my kind of people.

Two nights before my friend arrived I made these cookies on a whim. I had eggs, butter, vanilla, oats, dark chocolate and coconut. I took exactly zero photos of the first batch. My husband and I ate them.

cookies with oats, dark chocolate chunks and coconut

I made the second batch the day Scowby arrived. I wondered if she liked coconut while they baked. I took no photos of the second batch. Scowby and I ate them. She loves coconut…like LUV loves.

I reminded myself that you gotta know these things about your friends…like whether or not coconut in a cookie sounds awesome or awful. These things are important.

birds clockface and Maker's Mark bottle sweater

You might need to bake cookies one morning when your friend is arriving and the Pacific Northwest sky is looking kinda rude, dingy.

Fresh baked cookies say, “It may be rainy but we have food, totally happy Happy Hours which usually involve small snacks and a powerful international grocery store (check out the tripe!). Plus the sunny days are beyond beautiful.”

bitten cookie Calder photo

I made a third batch. Photos accomplished. My husband and I made them into chipwiches with homemade peanut butter ice cream. They were ridiculous.

*I owe you a post about peanut butter ice cream.

Sorry Scowby! You were already back in the land of excellent bourbon by then. But I’m naming this cookie after you.

Maker's Mark bottle sweater on bottle and props

Come on back for the chipwich. We’ll roll them in rainbow sprinkles or…even better…toasted coconut.

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7 Responses to scowby snacks

  1. Glad you had a good visit. When you start with yummy cookies, and there’s Maker’s Mark in there somewhere, what can go wrong???

    • fatpig says:

      I need to make some cookies with Maker’s in them. The Maker’s in my photo was in honor of my friend’s hometown in Kentucky. Kentucky milk for your scowby snacks!

  2. Ah, is that Maker’s Mark I see hidden beneath that cozy little sweater? LUV the stuff! Used it to douse a chocolate bundt cake the other day. Those cookies sound incredible. I wish I could make a batch of coconut /and/ dark chocolate cookies. My husband hates both. And I need to fit into a polka dot bikini come summer, so that means no binging on full cookie batches for me. Meh.

    • fatpig says:

      Yep…that’s a Maker’s bottle wearing the Christmas sweater that Maker’s sent this year. My friend is from good ole Kentucky. My husband is a brand ambassador for Maker’s which means he signed up and his name is on a cask alongside other stalwart ambassadors’ names. And now we receive awesome gifts every year. There’ve been ice ball trays, super cool wrapping paper with Maker’s bottles arranged into snowflake patterns, wax drip swizzle sticks and so on. The bottle sweater is hilarious. I hear you on the impending bikini weather. More prone poses for me! I also hear you on dousing a chocolate bundt cake with Maker’s!

  3. Kiri W. says:

    Hot damn, I am your kind of people, it seems, and these are my kind of cookies :) MMMM.

  4. Glad you and your friend got together to catch up. You did make some tasty cookies and pretty cool that you named them after your friend! Delicious blend here, can’t go wrong with oats, chocolate and coconut-yum! Saving this tasty recipe. Have a great day!

  5. Those are the best kinds of friends! Especially if you don’t mind sharing your cookies!