salmon grapefruit mint ceviche

Long weekends spent entirely in loungey clothes and short work weeks are officially over. I know I’m late with that newsflash. I lingered. There was a 3000 piece puzzle on my dining table that needed to be solved.

puzzle and concord grape cardamom jam chimay cheese crackers

Despite my lingering I’m amped about the twelve part of 2012. There’s probably a personality test based on whether you bear-hug  or cold-shoulder the new year…or finish a giant puzzle before you say hello to it.

There should be a personality test for people (who do not own or work in a ceviche restaurant) who make and photograph ceviche more than five times in one week.

ceviche prep grapefruit red onion cherry pepper

I enjoy the mindfulness of making ceviche; slicing red onion so thin it could paper-cut you; slivering lemongrass into nearly translucent rings. I’m having a swoony moment over my new grapefruit knife.

grapefruit knife

I had no idea what I was missing when I didn’t have one of these dudes.

The salmon in this recipe can be replaced with tuna, scallops, yellowtail…whatever looks good to you as long as it’s supremely fresh. Sushi grade is best. I like the butteriness of salmon against the quiet, sweet zing of grapefruit, lemongrass, ginger and mint. Slivers of hot cherry pepper give this ceviche a little fire.

salmon greapfruit mint ceviche

Hello 2012…let’s do this!

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2 Responses to salmon grapefruit mint ceviche

  1. Oh man oh man do I love ceviche! It’s like THE national dish of Peru and one of the first things I inhale upon arriving. The fish there is super fresh. I adore salmon, especially sashimi, so this particular ceviche calls to me. I love how supple and velvety salmon can be when cooked (or not cooked at all) just right. Gorgeous and definitely hails to spring time. Is it here yet?