Sala on Hudson begins

This sty has been kinda quiet for a bit, huh? I hate when that happens.  I’ve been working, thinking and riding early morning trains through Harlem…

Harlem New York City from train

past red brick buildings, eyes closed,

brick warehouse along Hudson River NY

past sailboats chilling in the blue morning light…

sailboats moored in Hudson River

…to a village on the river, Croton-on-Hudson. There’s something romantic about traveling on a train along a river to change a space. Especially since that space is going to be a restaurant, Sala on Hudson, by the same restaurateurs who created Sala, Sala One Nine and Rye House in NYC.

Michael and Rob opened the original Sala on the Bowery back when the Bowery was a whole different kind of vibe. CBGB’s was across the street. Sala served excellent tapas and party-extending pitchers of sangria to the uplifting gormandizers’ part of OMFUG for a dozen years in that location.

Sala, Sala One Nine and Rye House were all designed, painted and decorated by my friends, John and Julia. We know each other from the film industry and all belong to the same artsy union.

I’ve always loved the backstage side of things, seeing spaces in progress. I thought about that and all the spaces I’ve been part of changing while I rode riverside trains to Sala on Hudson. I guess this is a glimpse at the backstage of this blog space…a moment in the life powering the person who powers fat pig in the market.

Here’s the space as it was when we walked in for the first time and were greeted by a sad, burgundy curtain in the entry. Dusty branches manned the welcome wagon.

before redecorating entry

An abstract mural in the main dining area was confusing…style-wise. Baby blue ceiling, shiny prefab ceiling beams, shaky fixture, underwhelming sconces: bummer.

sala on hudson before makeover

Stained glass window (that’s the sad burgundy, entry curtain behind it), neon OPEN sign…they could each belong to a different sort of space.

before photo of Sala on Hudson space

We had one week to change the paint finishes, mix colors for the straight painters (ceiling!), choose sconces, get tiles for custom tabletops, pick a new entry light, get some weird openings in the walls closed and so on. Long list, short time frame and, as always, a budget to mind.

Sala on Hudson wednesday evening

The space has gorgeous light in the evening. We retextured the wallls with tinted plaster so the surfaces glimmer and catch light especially at magic hour. The stained glass and sad burgundy curtain got the curtain. By the end we changed the entry to teal-blue. Vacation ocean blue.

Sala on Hudson two ladders

The ceiling beams were retextured and made matte. The rest of the ceiling will be relieved of its baby blueness after we leave. That’s John’s backpack ready to travel back to Manhattan and then, for him, across the country to LA which is home. Julia travels and works between NY and Florida. Cool how we all met here to change this space.

Sala on Hudson after makeover main dining area

Benches, new sconces, tables, chairs and bar shelves are in the works. The next time I see this space it’ll be open for business.

I’ll take a train along the Hudson river to Croton station, jump in a taxi for a quick ride to 44 Maple Street. It’s a simple spot from the outside within an unassuming, roadside mall in a town that’s officially considered a village.

I’m planning to walk in one evening, order tapas in rounds and a cocktail or two, watch the golden light glimmer…pretend I’m in Spain. Michael and Rob’s bars always have interesting, thoughtful beverages. Check out Rye House’s cocktail menu here and spirits list (major!) here.

I’ll update you. In the meantime look for Sala on Hudson to open sometime this October/early November 2012.

Sala on Hudson
44 Maple Street
Croton on Hudson, NY 10520

Walk in. Order all sorts of soulful, small dishes and inspired beverages. Travel.

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6 Responses to Sala on Hudson begins

  1. Mardi Perry says:

    Congrats! Look forward to the opening…pls offer some gluten free items ‘cuz there are a pile of us here in Croton who lean this way–darn genetics! Save some sangria for me!

    • fatpig says:

      @mardiperry Hello! I’m not in charge of Sala on Hudson’s kitchen but I can offer you some gluten free recipes on this blog. I have plenty of friends who need gluten free snacks (and also love Sangria). I’ll work on my gluten free game.

  2. Linda Russell says:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to your opening day!

    • fatpig says:

      @Linda and @Lee Thanks you for the good wishes! I was simply on the artsy side of Sala on Hudson. I’m excited to get back to Croton and see the place completed by the bustle of people enjoying food, drinks and pretty evening light streaming through the windows.

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  4. lee colon says:

    Congrats and good luck.