Rocky Road Brownie Cake

I’ve learned a few things during my weeklong, unannounced, unplanned vacation from posting and oinking. Things like…


jazz hands with Mister Bacon

I shoulda planned a break and told you because if you’re visiting here on the regular then I wanna be here to be visited. That’s the whole idea, right?

Haunt me. I will be here. These jazz hands are for you!


It’s good to take a break, have a pink themed party, eat way too many pink yogurt pretzels.

pink pretzel party cool rings

Stand on a chair to commemorate the rosy event but do it before the second bottle of pink wine is opened. Safety first, dude.

party on animal hands


Being the winner at dominoes rocks and that’s just how it is on this end of the hall where the rockstar resides.

dominoes oink


Photos I snap during early morning baking moments always seem to look like the opening shot of a horror movie. Snacky whodunit.

rocky road brownie ingredients the mystery begins

Note: mini marshmallows are unruly.


When you don’t have a rectangular or square baking pan but you do have a round cake pan then make that brownie and call it Rocky Road Brownie Cake. Break from the square pan, man.

rocky road brownie cake


Mini marshmallows will bubble, burst, steam and seep like the Wicked Witch of the West in water. Mini marshmallow essence will remain. It looks volcanic and tastes sumptuous.

rockt road brownie cake wedge

Also…those mini marshmallows are hanging out with and seeping into crunchy walnuts, melty chunks of dark chocolate and fudgy, sinful, cake-shaped brownie. Rocky Road Brownie Cake. Serve it in wedges…woot!


Having an alter ego for the gym is amusing and motivating. Having pink pretzel parties and brownie cake wedges (once for breakfast) is gonna mean some extra gym time. Hungry like the Wolf is a great gym song.

wolf bus


Fun is good. Have some!

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2 Responses to Rocky Road Brownie Cake

  1. Jodi says:

    I’m not addicted to pink pretzels!