Want it Wednesday – Raincoast Crisps

This is a photo of the third box of  Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps that have briefly visited my home. The first box, brought by a friend to a party, got demolished fast.

Cranberry Hazlenut Raincoast Crisps in box

I swooped up the second box of these awesomely crunchy crackers from a sample table at IFBC. I considered taking two which you weren’t supposed to do.

So I didn’t but I definitely wanted to.

I purchased the third box of crisps so I could finally write about their compelling crunchiness and snap a portrait. If you look closely you’ll note that the right side of the inner plastic sleeve was breeched…pre-photo shoot.

Raincoast Crisps get into them

Clearly I get into these seriously crunchy, nut-studded crackers.

Cranberry Hazlenut Raincoast Crisps and pink box

Raincoast Crisps are available in five flavors. I’ve tried Original and Cranberry Hazelnut so far. There’s a gluten free version made with oat flour available in three flavors. Both versions are made in small batches from locally sourced ingredients. Plus Lesley Stowe’s Raincoast crisps are Non-GMO*.

Those Vancouverites really know how to concoct a snack cracker with earthy consciousness, eh?

Cranberry Hazlenut Raincoast Crisps on plate

I haven’t added a dip or topping to my Raincoast Crisps yet. I plan on doing so. A whipped-up dip and these crispy, toast-shaped crackers sounds like an easy, satisfying, party snack. And it is, after all, the beginning of the Snacks and Soirées season.

Heck, I like these crisps so much I’d stuff ’em in a stocking or give ’em as a hostess gift. Speaking of gifts…I’m obliged to tell you that the second box of Raincoast Crisps I quickly consumed was a free sample that I hustled into my goodie bag when I attended the International Food Blogger’s Conference in Seattle. There were plenty of cool brands and products represented at IFBC. I chose to write about Lesley Stowe’s Raincoast Crisps because I liked them so much I couldn’t keep my paws off them. Or jaws.

I received a discount on my ticket to IFBC in exchange for writing three posts about topics of my choice related to the conference or brands and products represented at the three day, food-blogger whirlwind. It was interesting and full of wine and food. Speaking of which…let’s get back to snacks.

Cranberry Hazlenut Raincoast Crisps

Oink, Lesley Stowe, I like what you do!

*Non-GMO stands for non (or not) genetically modified organisms. The Non-GMO project is an organization that offers third party verification and labeling for products produced with Non-GMO ingredients. Here’s a link to the Non-GMO project website in case you’re curious.

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One Response to Want it Wednesday – Raincoast Crisps

  1. Christina del B. says:

    I’ve bought a version of these without the cranberry and agree to their yumminess! Last night had them with an incredible cheese called “Gorganzola Cremificata”! from Rubiner’s in Gt. Barrington. Definitely made the rainy day less dreary!