pretty bunnies

Purple carrots, you’re just so pretty. I want a dress that looks like you. It would fade from inky purple to pale, butter yellow and fit perfectly. In purple carrots dreams begin.

purple carrots peeld

In attempting to make carrot roses with baby purple carrots…purple fingertips occur. Unfortunately pretty little purple roses did not occur. Baby carrots are just too small to wrangle into blooms.

I saw carrot roses on BraveTart, the blog of Stella Parks, and an immediate madness took hold of me. I want to put them on everything. I love BraveTart madly. I read it for months before venturing a comment. I’m kinda quiet that way when I admire someone’s work fiercely. Clearly I’m not alone. Stella Parks was named one of The Best New Pastry Chefs by Food and Wine Magazine this year. She makes desserts I want to eat and make and would bathe in if possible. She makes rainbow sprinkles. Do you really need to know more? Get over there!

I had many ideas for how to use carrot roses. This light, simple salad was a total whim. I just couldn’t let go of the purple carrots and somehow they needed to be involved in whatever I made. I’ve also recently discovered white cucumbers at a farmer’s stand in the Public Market. And if you visit this sty regularly you already know I have a thing for black sesame seeds.

So this is my impromptu creation made from foods that make me want to dip-dye fabric and inspired by a pastry chef who steadily inspires me.

pretty bunnies close up

White cucumbers, English cucumbers, strawberries and curling purple carrot slivers are lightly dressed with a ginger, lime and sesame oil dressing then festooned with carrot roses and dotted with black sesame seeds.

You can find the directions for creating carrot roses over at BraveTart. I added fresh ginger to the simple syrup that thick carrot peels are quickly cooked in. They taste like candy. It took me about four tries…not counting the failed baby purple carrot versions…to teach my fingers how to coil and twist roses.

pretty bunnies salad

This is the prettiest salad I’ve ever made. It reminds me of making paintings and that lost in color and line feeling I have when I do actually take out my brushes.

Dear BraveTart…I oink you!

Happy summer!

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7 Responses to pretty bunnies

  1. Just a beautiful and whimsical plate! Almost too pretty to eat. However, it being summer and the ingredients so refreshing, we’ll cowboy it up and dig in.

  2. Bruzz says:

    Food really beautifully prepared a la the salad makes me feel pretty inside when consumed. Love it. I just have to convince my girlfriend to try some of your delicious looking productions.

  3. Suzi says:

    This is so pretty and very creative. Going to check out how to make those carrot roses, I love it. Purple carrots, yeah.

  4. Liz says:

    Oh, my gosh…what a stunning salad! I missed the carrot roses…so I’m thrilled you shared them…such beauties. Yes, the prettiest salad ever!!!

  5. This is very well executed, I am not sure if I could have done as well. Like you I sometimes find something, but I have to get up nerve to actually move forward and try. This move forward for you was certainly a success! It is fun to find a talent within yourself that you did not realize that you had! Enjoy the weekend!

  6. Wow! I am seriously impressed, Jorie! That is one of the prettiest looking salads I ever saw. :) I don’t know if I could attempt those roses. My fingers are so damn clumsy when it comes to girly pretty things.

  7. betsy says:

    Jorie looo! What are you, the coolest? This is gorgeous! And inspires (and let’s face it, shames) me into dropping my take out deli sandwich and twinkie chaser for something as vivid and delicious as this! Well done sister – I am a link in your inspiration chain!