pink peppercorn ice cream

Back when I was in art school Balducci’s ruled the corner of 6th Avenue and 9th Street. It was the flagship store and the original fancy pants, specialty grocer in NYC with a butcher, fishmonger, deli, green grocer, a case full of whimsical, mouse-shaped chocolates, stinky French cheeses and a totally glorious spice section. Balducci’s spices came in glass jars which is how it should be. Who wants a milky plastic, lightweight thing when you can have a reusable, twinkling beauty?

pink pepercorns scattered in white surface

A glass jar of pink peppercorns was the first pricey spice purchase I saved up for and made at Balducci’s. I read somewhere that throwing a few whole pink peppercorns in soup was a life-changer. Totally true. It was the first thing I did with my very dear, pink peppercorns.

The slightly spicy, floral aroma, the almost-red pink of whole pink peppercorns will always feel lucky, fancy and indulgent to me. And steeping a handful of whole, pink peppercorns in heavy cream is intoxicating. The calm, insistent spark of peppercorns is mellowed and thickened by fatty cream.

pink peppercorns steeping in heavy cream

Making that peppercorn infused cream into a custard and churning it into a silky, gently spiced ice cream that is subtly floral and quietly bright…well…I don’t even have sufficient words for that.

pink peppercorn ice cream one scoop

Pink peppercorn ice cream…you make me taste travel.

That’s what spices are to me: ideas, aspirations, histories, memories made and dreamed futures that may never be. So many humble and lofty ideas can be held in a thick glass jar, weighty in your hand.


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6 Responses to pink peppercorn ice cream

  1. One of my favorite ice cream flavors is olive oil and black pepper, so I just know I’d love this one too. Beautiful!

  2. Christina del B. says:

    I’m entered a contest to win an ice cream maker–hope I win so this can be my first effort. It’s VERY hot so ice cream sounds good to me.

  3. Jackie says:

    This is gorgeous! Those photos are amazing. Plus, this just acted as a PSA reminder to put my ice cream maker bowl in the freezer.

  4. My goodness, that image of the pinky peppercorns suspended in the milky cream: heavenly! I love when food is just gorgeous. I swear though, you always get me hyped to buy new spices. I don’t have ANY pink peppercorns! Wah!

  5. I do love ice cream with a little spice. I will need to seek out a whole jar of the pink peppercorns for this! It looks so creamy and delicious.
    I do have an envy for those that can easily get their hands on whole spices at a reasonable price. It seems as if India has a cheap overabundance of them! Hope you are enjoying the weekend!