Weird Wednesday: Pete Went West

Pete went west and wound up hangin’ on some hippie’s wall.

pete went west

He rather liked the macramé and crystal headband he woke up wearing and the readily available avocados. Everything was cool until that darn dragon whooshed up at him outta nowhere.

Uwajimaya dragon

Pete wasn’t proud of passing out but that’s how it went. He swooned, saw colors.

papers art Seattle window

And wanted pudding.

subliminal pudding

Words spun from him. They twirled, stretched, sauntered and sped with no apparent pattern.

book pages waterfall

They put a spell on him as words will do. And Pete pursued the twirling words, was led by rising lights until he knew night. Music screamed like a hawk in the background.

graffiti stairway Soho NYC

The night knew this great place owned by an Italian Family that served super-big pizza pies. The crust was thin like paper which is how pizza crust should be. Pete knew this because he was from the east coast where pizza is done right, son.

large pizza

A chill hippo who was also hanging on the hippie’s wall introduced himself.

hippo head

They had an excellent chat about the best way to perfectly press a shirt…not that either of them needed perfectly pressed shirts. Still…pressing was a matter they both felt passionate about.

old school pressing machine

And that’s how it went when Pete went west.

Pete and the domino hand

Happy Weird Wednesday…

cartoon of two ewes

…to you(s).

Pete’s favorite snacks…in case you’re hungry:

pretty bunnies salad

Pretty Bunnies Salad

carrot garam masala soup at Yvonne's brunch party

Carrot Garam Masala Soup

daikon carrot lemongrass quick pickle close up

Daikon Carrot Lemongrass Quick Pickle

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7 Responses to Weird Wednesday: Pete Went West

  1. Christina del B. says:

    So happy that Pete found his place in “West”! He had been languishing on the other side of the country for a long time and needed an adventure!

  2. Jennifer Calozzi says:

    Thank you for liking our pizza, our place and our famy ways! Sincerely Jennifer C from ITALIAN FAMILY PIZZA! Would have loved to have met or meet you for a picture to hang on our wall here! Ciao

    • Hi Jennifer…how cool are you for stopping by this sty and saying hello? Very! I love your pizza and will be back in for more. I’ll say hello when I’m there next time. I’ll be the short girl with the big curly hair who looks amped about pizza. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Molly Van Meter says:

    Happy Satyrday! Keisha and Otto are late to the party.

  4. And happy Wednesday to you! It looks like Pete had a great day!