the best peanut butter cookies ever

These are the best Peanut Butter Cookies I’ve ever made: soft-centered, buttery with tine-branded tops and the brief crunch of sugar crystals.

peanut butter cookie milk stripey straw

These are melt in your mouth magic. I pinky swear and declare this: one bite of these perfectly peanut buttery, calmly sweet cookies will make you think, “So that’s what melt in your mouth means…cookie-wise.”

I’ve made many peanut butter cookies but this version is the hands down, crumbs-on-your-mug best. And I’m giving CB’s Nuts a big dollop of that credit.

CB's Nuts Peanut Butter

Another peanut butter brand (who shall remain unnamed) usually holds it down in our kitchen. As much as I prefer to use the least processed ingredients in my cooking adventures I’ve never had success with the grainy, chalky-tasting natural butters I’ve tried.

CB’s Nuts Creamy Peanut Butter won me over. I bought this jar on a whim when I was scanning the peanut butter offerings at my neighborhood market. I liked the logo and I liked that it was local. It looked decidedly silky.

The rest is peanut butter cookie history. I’m psyched about CB’s Nuts creamy peanut butter. It’s smooth, silky and has a balanced sweetness. CB’s Nuts is a family owned and operated business. They do small batch, micro-roasted peanuts and pistachios, nut butters and such in a certified organic processing plant in Kingston, Washington. Plus CB’s Nuts focuses on having a low environmental impact. I like all of that. I like it in stacks.

panut butter cookie stack

I like it baked in a cookie for an afternoon snack.

Peanut Butter Cookie bitten

We have entered a new natural peanut butter era. Let’s go forth, get nutty and be all sorts of respectable and responsible while we do so.

Let’s make the Best Peanut Butter Cookie Ever, boss. Done.

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