oven-roasted tomatoes

Ever wonder about the lives of the little things you left behind, gave away, lost? If one of them wrote you a letter it might go something like this:

Dear Betsy…wassup?

Bet you never thought you’d see me again, huh. Good thing your former roommate was sentimental about small, stripey-winged airplanes. I whirled my propeller at her, threw down some retro vibe and that was it. I was back in, baby!

Next thing you know we hit the road. I’ve seen cities, small towns, thin-walled hotels. I climbed down hills hanging onto a sun bleached rope that someone tied to a scraggly bush. Very west coast hippie. I’ve lived in several apartments and now I’m chillaxing here for a while. I’ve got a view of the blue sky and there’re two kinds of tomatoes (cherry and sweet grape) roasting in the oven, making this whole place smell like a family-owned pizzeria. Here’s what they looked like before they went in the oven:

We’re gonna put these suckers on bread, throw them onto salads, snatch them straight from the pan. We’re gonna smash these roasted tomotoes onto sandwiches and layer them on pizzas. Yeah…things are a-okay for this little, stripey-winged plane so no hard feelings. It worked out. A plane’s gotta fly, right?

Most of the time I hang out with The Money Tree who is finally on the mend after an unfortunate jaunt through Vegas.

But I digress. You probably want to see the oven-roasted tomatoes.

I heard you were hanging out in the comments section of the Chocolate Chip Cookies post throwing down a Salted Butter Pecan Ice-cream recipe and a Strawberry Bourbon Cocktail recipe. Thought I’d say hi.



the litttle, striped airplane

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3 Responses to oven-roasted tomatoes

  1. betsy says:

    AHA! There it is!! I will say that I have wondered lo these many moons just where he got off to. I am pleased to know that my little winged friend is such fabulous company and eating so well!!!

    • fatpig says:

      Hi Betsy! The little plane is having an excellent adventure. If you need him back in Brooklyn he says you have to come out here to visit, eat all sorts of food, get shocked at the affordability of happy hour and chillax on the roofdeck…just so he knows you’re serious about this.

  2. Jackie says:

    I love your posts! Always so fun to read and the photos are great.