pastry ends: the out crowd is in

Nothing about this is gonna be pretty. Prepare yourself.

pastry scraps on a baking sheet

This is the out crowd: the pastry scraps left over from chicken-pot-hand-pies and Nutella pop-tart experiments (posts impending). These are the hastily cut strips of pie crust that I wrapped in plastic, stuck in the freezer and forgot about.

Yesterday morning I saw them lounging in the freezer drawer looking disheveled and louche. I briefly thought of tossing them out. Then I remembered the Vietnamese Cinnamon I bought recently. It’s supposed to be the Incredible Hulk of cinnamons.

I considered the unselfish butter that boldly flung itself into a well of flour to be transformed from blockiness to crispy pastry, flakey yet able to envelop pockets of air, puddles of Nutella and savory chicken mixtures.

I put the pie crust leftovers on a baking sheet, wet them with water and covered them with sugar and plenty of my new super cinnamon. I did not spiff them up.

unpretty pie crusts taste extremely goodThe idea of ugly pastry that tastes good appeals to me. And these taste ridiculously good. They puff into delicate, buttery pastry sticks with the slightest, sugar-crystal crunch. The Vietnamese cinnamon is intense but not overwhelming. It has clarity and punch.

When I made these I thought about how food can be soulful, ironic, punk. I dig that.

There’s room in my view for more than one version of pretty.

My husband said they look like bacon. True.

Everyone loves bacon, right?

Here’s a link to Bacon-chocked Mini Quiches in case you want to make something before you get to making out crowd pastry. My recipe for pie crust is below and it is cut in half in case you only want so much out crowd pastry.

Let’s make our own versions of pretty.




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7 Responses to pastry ends: the out crowd is in

  1. My mom used to do the same thing with the leftover ends when I was a kid. I always hung around waiting for these to finish up because it was like sweet buttery toast but butter!

  2. This does make me think of my mom making pies in the kitchen and all of us kids awaiting the cinnamon crust leftovers-yum! Yours does look tastier than I remember, most likely due to the addition of the brown sugar. These look very addictive!

  3. Two things:

    1. These “cinnamon pie thingies”…as my family calls them…are things to be fought over when they’re available here. We make them when we can, sometimes breaking out a pie crust just to have a batch. And seriously, you could lose an eye around here if you get in the way of the mad rush.

    2. Kudos to using the word “louche” in your blog post. I give that mad props.

  4. Jackie says:

    Such a beautiful idea for scraps! Love this. Plus, lends itself well to an array of sweet dipping sauces :)

  5. Love. How funny, at first glance I thought they were bacon strips too. I need to get me some of that Vietnamese cinnamon; I’ve heard sublime things about it. Did you order it or were you able to find it at the market? Hm. I’ll investigate. These out crowd pastry strips would be perfect companions to my spiced chai and coffee. Mmm…

    • fatpig says:

      I bought Vietnamese cinnamon at Penzey’s Spices and you can order it online at I love the stuff.