Fat pig in the market is one year old!

yellow cake with dark chocolate ganache icing

Can I get an oink oink?

oink oink

Last year I started this blog as a birthday present to myself because I wanted to do something that I’d always wanted to do…write on a regular basis, find a voice.

I bumbled about looking for a topic that would intrigue me. I admit that it took me a while to see the sign even though I was walking by this sign daily:

public market sign seen from Matts in the market seattleI wandered around wondering what I should write about. I did what I usually do when I have free time and I need to think: I cooked.

pizza dough being rolled out

I made my first pizza.

pizza with pork beef and bacon

I kept on making pizzas until I could boldly claim, “I make a mean pizza.” I do. I even make breakfast pizza.

berakfast pizza with sunny side up eggs

I totally owe you a post about pizza.

Hi. I’m the voice of the fat pig. I got a little chill the first time I hit publish on this blog even though I knew I was the only person reading it. Now there are actually people who read this blog and I didn’t even pester them to. That totally amazes me. So here’s what I have to say on the fat pig in the market’s first birthday:

thank you from the fat pig

I still get a chill every time I hit publish. I’m so happy you’re here!

XO ~ fat pig

p.s. oink!

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11 Responses to one

  1. Thanks for popping by my blog and commenting,


    I’ve been looking through your recipes and drooling. :P~

  2. Oh, congrats to you and your fabulous blog, Jorie! So stoked am I to have met you. You’re always so cute and your food looks and sounds delicious! BTW, how was the Foodbuzz Festival? Did you meet lots of bloggers and get cool goodie bags? :-)

    • fatpig says:

      The festival was fun. Very excellent goodie bag with coffees, chocolate (that won me over) DIY cocktail book and more. The Taste Pavillion rocked! Wine sodas, chocolate ice cream, a gorgeous honeysuckle gin called Bloom, etc…I’m happy to have met you too. Your blog is on my favorites bar. Hopefully we’ll meet up in person one day! Jorie

  3. alistar says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Look at what has happened in a year. Eye candy & cooking digest dribbling delightfully down a page. Delicious.


  4. Caitlin FitzGordon says:

    love your blog! Happy Birthday to you and it!

  5. So happy we found you! Congrats on your anniversary! Yours is a fun blog and definitely worthy of reading. Love the lines drawn in flour!

  6. Wonder Wheel says:

    I love the Fat Pig! Keep ’em snorting…..

  7. Christina del B. says:

    Bon anniversaries!

    Belle mere

  8. Christine says:

    Happy one year anniversary.