oink if you’re merry: a fat pig giveaway

I know a few elves. I told them you were good and I skipped the part about how you ate the last cookie and repeatedly squeezed that Christmas gift someone sent you early.

Oh wait…that was me. Total gift squeezer. Snooper. Shaker of gifts. Eater of the last cookie. Now you know.

Please meet my friends at Noble Goods: Christopher and Molly. Christopher is a super cool sculptor. He marries resin with wood into sleek, touchable furniture and modern objects in his Brooklyn studio. You can meet Christopher and his lovely wife, Molly, at the Brooklyn Craft Central Holiday Fair this Saturday, December 17th, from noon to 6pm. They’ll be introducing Christopher’s debut collection of handmade lazy susans, cheese boards, coasters and ornaments. I covet these lazy susans…big time!

Noble Goods cheese board and lazy susan

Noble Goods has given me one of their handmade ornaments to give away to one oinking reader. The inset snowflake is red-tinted resin which glows when light comes through it. How merry is that? Very. This ornament is modern, joyful and totally touchable. All Noble Goods are smooth operators; you can run your hand over the surface of your Noble Good and you won’t feel a seam where the resin and wood meet. Craftsmanship rules, boss.

Noble Goods ornament lit from behind

But wait…there’s more! I wouldn’t give you an unwrapped gift. Not when I know Ali of Alistar. Ali is a fabric maverick. She’s even put her skills to work on elaborate costumes for The National Ballet of Canada. Righteous, eh? Now Ali has launched her own line of products and her own company: Alistar. Her Evergive bags are eco-conscious, reusable gift bags sewn from funky African fabrics. They come in various, useful sizes. My favorite Evergive bags are the wine bottle bags; perfect for a hostess gift. Wine not included. Alistar also offers Tiptoe rugs handcrafted from thick, sumptuous, industrial felt. Click here to go to Alistar’s etsy shop.

alistar tiptoe rug

Ali gave me an Evergive bag that perfectly fits the shimmery Noble goods ornament; the fabric even has gold bursts that mirror the ornament’s snowflake motif. Kismet achieved!

Noble Goods ornamnet and Alistar bagLeave me a comment with the word oink in it or just send me a nice, snorty, little oink if you’re not feeling wordy. Please include an e-mail address so I can get in touch with you. One lucky oinker will receive some holiday love (excellent Noble Goods ornament and Evergive bag) from Noble Goods, Alistar and the fat pig in the market. Please oink by December 20th, 11pm PST.

Happy holidays!

brooklen craft central fair flyer

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20 Responses to oink if you’re merry: a fat pig giveaway

  1. Annikan says:

    Oink oink from Stockholm, Sweden – big OINK to the pretty ornament (hi Molly!) and OINKITY-OINK to the cool blog. Keep it up Fat Pig!

  2. Wehaf says:

    Oink oink. Snort. Snuffle snuffle. Oink.

  3. Amanda says:

    Hello and oink to you! This is my first time here. I found you through the CraftGawker app. You have created something extremely beautiful. I look forward to checking back often. Oinky Holidays to you and yours.

  4. Pocket Posey says:

    That red snowflake makes me very merry! Great stuff! Oink! Thanks for the chance of a giveaway! Oinky oink oink

  5. Missy says:

    Very original and beautiful designs. What great presents they would make…oink!!!

  6. Melissa says:

    Oh oink, it would be great to receive such wonderful oinking prizes. Pick me oink, oink,oink! Seriously love your work!

  7. Christopher says:

    Piggy, you are so fun. I was honored to see our ornament on your blog, and I’m grateful for peoples comments. Yesterday’s sale was a big success, and we met some wonderful people. Thanks for your support!

  8. Yes, the products are unique, beautiful and oh so creative….but…the writing was also a gift unto itself! You go girl!!!

    • fatpig says:

      Linda…thank you so much for the compliment. Seriously…I got a little weepy-eyed happy when I read it.

  9. I love that wooden ornament — so pretty. And the cute little sheep rug looks so touchable. Would love to sink my toes onto that everyday. Oink!

  10. Kristina says:

    Soo wee. I can taste the craftsmanship. They create beautiful and practical stuff.

  11. Katya says:

    Great blog, wonderful snowflake, and oinking bag! Merry Christmas.

  12. Catherine Aikten says:

    oink, I am so excited to read about all of the above. I even have an inkling as to who Ali of Alistar is. I would love to meet with Ali in the New Year to discuss a project I would love to have made with Ali’s help. Also I love love love the noble goods ornament. Thanks so much for sending me all this fabulous information and I hope everyone has the best Christmas ever.
    ta ta………………………Catherine

  13. Ollie Orange says:

    What did the sow put on the piglet’s sore snout? OINKment! Gorgeous ornament! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  14. Pamela Coles says:

    Beautifully crafted items that would make the season bright. Oink!

  15. Christina del B. says:

    Double “OINK”, and Happy Holidays! I’m thinking that a tip toe rug would make a wonderful ‘gran baby’ gift for a new mom and dad.

  16. Molly Van Meter says:

    Oink if you love bacon!

  17. domestic diva says:

    The ornament is gorgeous. Oink!

  18. Ali says:

    Oink! this little elf knows excellent stuff when she sees it, if I must say so myself.
    Make sure you get on her Christmas list, Fat Pig will always go above and beyond!