As the Bacon Sizzles

Morning light and sizzling bacon go well together. Bacon cooked slowly on low makes a morning good.

bacon sizzling

Chocolate goes with soft sunlight too, right? Just to be sure…we’ll use two types of chocolate.

cookie making morning

This is the opening moment of a bacon baking mystery morning.

chocolate chopped

Hunks and slivers of chocolate are gonna get folded into fluffy batter along with crisply cooked, roughly chopped bacon.

Dough will be rolled while pigs watch, eyes wild from three successive espressos.

cookie dough balls

Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Bacon Cookies: mystery solved. Mouth made happy.

Oatmeal Chocolate Bacon Cookies

Soft-centered oatmeal cookies with crisp edges and melty pools of semi-sweet and dark chocolate are sweet and thick enough to quiet the bacon a bit. You get a salty, smoky pop every once in a while. It’s just enough bacon-y goodness to make it seem totally okay to have cookies and three espressos for breakfast.

cookies and mr bacon

May the dawn bring you thick, soft cookies with two types of chocolate and bacon.

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