Wallow: Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

I finally bought a cookie dough scoop. My rebellious side clung to my old school method which took the drop in drop cookie to heart.

cookie dough scoop

Alas…I need more precision in my cookie making. With a cookie dough scooper the dough is portioned out into relatively equal-sized dough balls and those evenly-sized dough balls bake into evenly-sized cookies at the same rate. So you’re less likley to get one of those overdone (or underdone) interlopers in the batch.

If you usually have some not-so-stellar cookie sheep in your flocks maybe a cookie dough scoop will help you out.

milk chocolate macadamia cookie dough balls

If you remain true to your old school method…I get it.

Either way we probably agree that cookies should be made because cookies are good. Cookies with creamy macadamia nuts and luscious Lindt milk chocolate are definitely good.

Does this chalk make my handwriting look creepy? I swear I have nice handwriting when it’s not done in a rush on a cheese slate.

milk chocolate and macadamias on slate

Despite the fancy pants macadamia nuts and Lindt chocolate these cookies are unpretentious and uncomplicated tastewise. Golden brown sugar gives them a quiet, caramel sweetness. Rich macadamia nuts bring in a creamy crunchiness. They’re soft in the center, crisp and golden at the edges.

Plus they have pools of melted milk chocolate…swimmable pools of comforting, easy-to-love milk chocolate.

milk chocolate macadamia cookie with doe red linen

Milk Chocolate Macadamia Cookies are simple, sweet and good with cold milk. Wallow worthy.

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