matcha matcha matcha want

Are you ready, oinkers? Enter the Jade Monk.

Jade Monk and the cities

Jade Monk is a cool company straight outta Austin, Texas. They make flavored matcha tea powders. If you’re a regular around here then you probably know that I dig matcha.

Jade Monk sent me a sampling of their tea powders to try out which I did…quite a bit.

jade monk powder flour

What if matcha could be all the awesome things it already is…healthy, sumptuously smooth, fun, possessing naturally begotten green…and have other flavors in the mix? Jade Monk Palau Peach and Lime Blossom will be laying in some flavor during this oinking samurai soiree.

lime blossom and pulau peach teas

Cranberry Blood Orange iced with a slice of sunshine and a red and white striped straw was nice…twice.

jade Monk matcha teas iced

Butter will whoosh in because that’s how we whoosh around here.

madeleine pan prepped

Theme-y footwear is welcome and encouraged at this matcha-palooza. Tabi socks have the big toe separated from the rest of those shmoes which works really well with garden flip-flops.

flowered toe socks flip flops

See you this Friday for the first Jade Monk adventure.

pig amd Jade Monk

Pigs and monks unite!

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