Matcha Madeleines

Halloween makes me think of my sister and green nail polish. Then I need to bake something buttery and preferably green in color. Last year: Green Goblins. This year: Matcha Madeleines.

Matcha Madeleines green tea cakes

This is the second consecutive year that I’ve baked something inspired by shopping for punk-worthy nail polish in the Seasonal drugstore aisle. I guess this is my new witchin’ tradition.

Halloween, green nail polish and thinking of my sister makes me wanna hear The Psychedelic Furs and songs we played on hand painted cassette tapes. I think of us wearing black lipstick, cut up vintage dresses and driving along empty, dimlit back roads in my beat up (but sporty!) car;  dreaming of living somewhere much cooler.

psychedlic furs and making madeleines

This is my new hallowed tradition: walk down the Seasonal Halloween aisle thinking about my sister and how we were a decade ahead of the mass marketification of unpretty polish.

Loiter in Seasonal aisle basking in the glow of being so damn on it (!) when it came to nail color trends. Move along before someone calls me unique.

Then bake something French, offbeat and preferably green in color. Naturally begotten green.

Matcha Madeleines cooling with sugaring tools

Matcha Madeleines are buttery, shell-shaped cakes with crisp edges and a ghostly wisp of earthy green tea. Dust them with confectioner’s sugar. Serve them on vintage linens and glow-in-the-dark, skull print fabric.

Matcha madeleines green tea madeleines vintage napkin


Happy Halloween, Weinerdawg (and all affiliate weiners: cocktail, mini and schnitzel)! XO – Fozzie Scare

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4 Responses to Matcha Madeleines

  1. What a relief to read a post about madeleines with nary a mention of Proust!

    And such gorgeous little babies too– I love the idea of adding matcha powder.They look elegant and spooky, perfect for this weird Halloween. (Hope you made it through the storm okay…)

  2. Christina del B. says:

    Yum, I love Madelines and this makes me miss Paris and depressed that I totally thought halloween was TOMORROW! Oh well, this means all the candy will be on sale at David’s tomorrow–candied corn here I come. I was wondering if you painted your nails before or after baking!