Whisky Glazed Pecans – get on your Maker’s Mark

What’s up? Whisky is what. Let’s douse something in Kentucky bourbon.

whisky glazed pecans close

Get on your Maker’s Mark.

whisky glazed pecans ingredients

You need bourbon, pecans, dark Muscovado sugar, butter (of course) and salt for this bourbon-tinged midweek moment.

The hardest part of making Maker’s Glazed Pecans is trying not to eat them while they cool from a warm, gooey state and get set into glazed chunks of slightly salty sin.

whisky glazed pecans small dot dish

Whisky Glazed Pecans are quietly sweet, softly crunchy with a snap of salt. The whole nutty experience is underlined by the mellow caramel of Maker’s Mark. They contrast well against bitter greens like arugula. One of my favorite salads includes arugula, whisky glazed pecans and crumbled blue cheese dressed with a simple vinaigrette of fresh lemon juice, minced shallots, olive oil and salt.

Whisky Glazed Pecans on top of pure vanilla bean ice cream…I expect that needs no further explanation.

They disappear quickly if you sit around eating them so you can best describe their flavor on an oinking blog. My commitment to wooing you with snacks on Wednesdays is fierce.

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2 Responses to Whisky Glazed Pecans – get on your Maker’s Mark

  1. Aw, nuts! These look like the perfect snack to munch on while reading blogs. It’s so hard to wait isn’t it? Whenever I make candied walnuts I basically just perch myself on the counter waiting for them to harden up. So yummy in salads.