kohlrabi party – appetizers

Kohlrabi is ugly pretty. And it’s also my current veggie crush. Kohlrabi!

kohlrabi pair whole

These sturdy, round vegetables are grooved and cratered.  Close up they look like planets with staunch landscapes and uninhabitable weather.

kohlrabi still life

Yep…kohlrabi is ugly pretty but not pretty ugly. Fortunately this veggie’s flavor is more embracing than its appearance. Kohlrabi is seriously crunchy and surprisingly refreshing with a subtle vegetal taste and a slight nuttiness in the background. It can be steamed, roasted, pureed for soup or made into fritters.

I like kohlrabi sliced thinly and served raw with different toppings. It’s a light, bright, super crisp alternative to crackers or bread. Gluten free crunch…boom.

Here’s how to prep kohlrabi: peel.

kohlrabi peeled

Slice in half. Lay the halves on a cutting board, flat sides down.

kohlrabi halved

Slice each half thinly.

kohlrabi sliced

Layer your pale, half-moon slices with fresh basil, shaved parmesan and a drizzle of fancy balsamic. Say hello to a crunchy, herbaceous, creamy, sweet bite. Good way to start a party night. Right?

kohlrabi basil parmesan balsamic

And for the meat-lovin’ fleet in the house we have kohlrabi, fresh basil, oven-roasted tomatoes and garlic…crowned with a crispy hunk of bacon. This is a breadless, herb-layered, slider-sized version of the BLT.

kohlrabi basil tomatoe garlic bacon

It’s the KBTGB.

These Raw Kohlrabi Appetizers are so simple and open to interpretation that I’m going to leave the directions at that. Follow the photos above for prepping your new, veggie friend and layer away with toppings of your choice. Fresh herbs, cheese, thin layers of other veggies. Layer away!

Here’s a link to my recipe for oven-roasted tomatoes. I added six roughly crushed cloves of garlic to my oven-roasted tomatoes recipe for the KBTGB appetizer.

Let’s get this oinking party started!

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2 Responses to kohlrabi party – appetizers

  1. Stephanie says:

    I only recently tried kohlrabi. Well maybe not super recently. Maybe like last year? It’s pretty tasty! I think I preferred it raw. Doesn’t it kinda taste like broccoli stems?