Jade Monk Madeleines: Palau Peach and Lime Blossom

Before battle, or in our case Jade Monk Madeleine Matchapalooza, one should meditate, right?

Jade Monk Tea Madeleines paper city

Prepping a baking pan with butter, tapping it lightly against open palm, shimmying a fine flour dust into madeleine-making grooves can be contemplative.

cu madeleine pan prepped

Seeing the vibrant green of matcha tea powder against unbleached flour…I dig that too.

jade monk matcha tea powder flour whisk

Allowing eggs to become room temperature also somehow appeals to me. I like the way eggs on a cloth on a counter look. They look like the start of something cakey.

Jade Monk matcha green tea powders eggs on cloth

These small actions are my kata.

Making madeleines isn’t complicated but these French, mini cakes benefit from attention to detail. The prepped pan chills in the freezer while the batter rests in the fridge for at least an hour. Madeleines are not something I whip up but I do plan to whip them up by which I mean: if you prep madelines the day before then all you have to do is bake them and serve them at their peak…freshly baked, just sugared.

Jade Monk Palau Peach and Lime Blossom Madeleines on vellum cloth

If you bake then you should know about The Baker’s Treat which is when the person who makes the madeleines (or whatnot) gets to eat one smack in the middle of the powdered sugaring step.

madeleine maker gets treat

Those are the rules. I don’t write them. Well maybe I did pen the whole Baker’s Treat thing but with every crime and each kindness we author our future. That is my meditative pan-prepping, madeleine-making thought. Also I just heard that in a movie…Cloud Atlas.

jade monk small plate madeleines

I made two versions of spongy, light madeleines: Palau Peach and Lime Blossom.  Jade Monk matcha tea powders give these buttery little cakes a subtle flavor spin that wings in toward the end of each bite. Palau Peach brings a stronger, sweeter, party-punch flavor.  Lime Blossom created a brief wisp of citrus.

Jade Monk green tea powder matcha madeleines paper city

I made a whole bunch of madeleines while trying out Jade Monk tea powders. And I ate many, many madeleines and now have to go do extra leaping, lunging and thigh-hurting at the gym. Worth it!

I took some to the cool chick down the hall who just celebrated a birthday. I ran into several other neighbors on my way so I gave them madeleines too.  I had friends over for dinner and served Lime Blossom Madeleines with vanilla bean ice cream.

I enjoyed giving away madeleines that I made with the awesomely green, tea powders that Jade Monk gave to me. It was my Cloud Atlas moment.

And it echoed back to me. Thank you…to the person who did not sign the nice note left on my doorstep along with a Dahlia Bakery box containing two divine pastries. Seriously…thank you!

thank you unsigned

There were two (TWO!) Interior Design magazines on my doorstep. Thank you, Erika! I have mad love for magazines especially that one. A roofdeck and magazine moment is in my future.

Jade Monk through the fat pig in the market

Thank you Jade Monk for sending me your luscious matcha tea powders to play with and share. I love this product. The graphics on the package are cool. And Jade Monk flavored matcha teas are easy to experiment with because the tea powder dissolves quickly in liquid and can be whisked into baked goods along with dry ingredients. As a beverage Jade Monk teas taste vibrant, balanced and rich without being heavy.

fat pig in the market and Jade Monk

Jade Monk Madeleines are light, spongy and have butter-crisp edges: cake clouds with subtle tea, peach and lime blossom whispers. Oink! And pass it on.

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  1. Penine says:

    Dying for one of these madelaeines right now!