hunt the day – New Orleans

I like new years. New days, new places and fresh perspectives are all good with me. I look at a new year starting up the way I look at a birthday: you’re either older or you’re not. I’ll take older.

Besides calendars are constructs. We’ve agreed to them.  In some ways we become defined by the rules we write. That’s what I’ve been thinking about as one year ends and another begins.

I say…let life define me. Let me witness the world without the veil of my dopey ego. See new.

New like New Orleans.

New Orleans garden statue

New Orleans sizzles like pig fat greeting fire.

Cochon nola

It’ll soak into you like butter into hot biscuits. Become part of your structure.

sidewalk settings New Orleans

New Orleans will paint its signs on your walls. Leave them to steep.

Little Debbie sign New Orleans

Till you wind up bewitched by the clatter of bones. They’re rat-a-tat-tat wakes, roves.

Langford Market Nola bones necklace and moi

“Rat-a-tat-tat,” says your heart. Echoes swarm your shores.

Swizzle Stick Bar Loews New Orleans

The band takes a break but you still hear that song. Drift on, lingering song. Waltz down Bourbon Street and mix it up with other songs that have just been sung. Wander on.

21st Amendment NOLA band break

Gangsters’ ghosts rattle ice round their glasses. They consider firing shots at the chandelier or tripping the next patron who cruises past. Their shoe toes tap, “Rat-a-tat-tat.”

21st amendment bar New Orleans

Hunt that haunting, that song, that shiver, that drink, that sauce, that sugar piled high.

beignet Cafe Du Monde New Orleans

Hunt that day like a gilded lion stilled, sniffing the shimmery night. Hunt that roar.

Nola lion stilled by ghostly light

Another song slips into the street. Rove on, sauntering song. Simmer into that New Orleans stew.

barrel proof New Orleans

And rap out that rat-a-tat-tat. Let that be my count; what counts me.

New Orleans keepsakes art

Keep me new.

*Some photos in this post link to places I haunted (and bought baubles and art from) in New Orleans in case you want to take a little cyber-trip. Click on them and travel.

See you next week with more details on these places and other haunt-worthy Nola spots. Happy 2015! Oink.

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