Frosty Treats for a hot hot hot summer

This pig needs a vacation from any sort of heat-giving device. Frosty treats are the name for this summer in the city game.

pig painting nyc kitchen

No oven shall get fired up around here this week. One hundred degrees in NYC is not oven-using weather. This is a time for dreaming about and consuming many frosty and cooling concoctions, right?

How about a Strawberry Meyer Lemon Soda. Stripey straw optional (and excellent).

strawberry meyer lemon soda cooling drink

Cucumber Water is in order. Easy to make, cleansing, cooling cucumber water is a perfectly thirst-quenching drink for summer in the city.

cucumber water cooling drink

Let’s get seriously frosty with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Chunks and Shards of Chocolate. Chunks and shards, son…get to this!

vanilla bean chocolate chip ice cream frosty treat

Making Bing Cherry Granita is an awesome excuse for making multiple trips to the freezer. Do it!

bing cherry granita frosty treat

I’ll be oinking again next week. Until then happy un-oven!

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