hog wild – wandering in cuba

I took an unannounced, unplanned break from supplying this sty with words and images right as I began talking about Cuba, change and finding stories.

blue building walking man Cuba

I wandered off.

stairway and light

Got lost.

Mosaic ships Cuba

I thought a bunch of thoughts about being a person. And I’m hoping my hiatus will wind up finding us some new stories to wander through.

plants taking over building Cuba

Let’s listen for words crumbling from timeworn walls.

doorways Habana Cuba

They assemble into stories and float, light as plaster flakes falling, past.

sculpture art Cuba

It’s been too long since we’ve whiled away a slice of Wednesday.

two chairs chatting Cuba

Nice to see you again.

mosaic eye Cuba

Nice to meet you…if you’re new here. I’ll be introducing one of my new friends to you soon.

Luis's guitar

In the meantime let’s get mixed into the tales that we write with our lives.

landscape Cuba

See new.

skylight art school

The good and the not so hot-so are both worth valuing because sometimes you gotta learn the sucky way. Good is self-explanatory (it’s good). That’s how life rolls.

alley Jaimanitas Cuba

May as well roll along on the sweetest ride you got.

Viva bike Cuba

And figure out how to fix it with whatever you have on hand. Cubans excel at that.

car repair Habana

Can I get an oink oink?

porcelain pig face sculpture Cuba

See you next Wednesday.

Cuba Libre taxi

We’ll wander, woot and wallow in Cuba again. Viva!

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