heavy sugar

I love words and signs. Gimme a snappy font, a clever phrase, throw in a food or drink reference, put it on a roadside sized sign and I’m practically loopy with joy.

Let’s just say I recall my 7th grade Wordly Wise workbooks fondly. Do they still make those? They rocked! I’m restraining myself from going on and on about Wordly Wise. I loved the WW.

There was this cute owl on the cover……sorry…restraint engaged!

So I went all swoony when I took a seat at Saucebox in Portland, Oregon and ordered a Lilikoi Sour, a half dozen kumomoto oysters and looked up. Wait….let’s rewind just a few seconds…..when you enter Saucebox there’s a wall above a row of swanky banquets with five foot tall block letters spelling something backwards.

Yeah…you could read it but the place is bachelor dim, there are glimmery surfaces that want to be looked at and a list of delicious cocktails and snacks to peruse. So you take a seat and order. Then you look up and in the enormous mirror above the bar and you see this……

I love it! I want HEAVY SUGAR on a wall in my apartment all looking glass style. I want to own a record label and name it HEAVY SUGAR. We’d press vinyl and commision sweet cover art.

I was still thinking about HEAVY SUGAR the next day so I looked it up…..which earns me some sort of grasshoppper status as far as the Wordly Wise owl is concerned. Heavy Sugar is another name for simple syrup. I love it all over again!

p.s. The drinks were delicious!

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