A Wolf in Beets Clothing

I’d call this a ladylike lunch but considering the zeal with which I consumed this Golden Beet Crème Fraiche Salad, Wolf Snack might be more accurate. At least I set out flowers and a tablecloth.

three vases spring flowers

p.s. I believe in the beauty of rumpled linens.

This dish is NOT a quiet side of sad veggies waiting like a wallflower for a little attention.

golden beets backlit

Thinly sliced, raw beets are sharpened by a lemon shallot vinaigrette and soothed by the calm cool of crème fraiche in this simple salad. I wolfed down a whole plate of Golden Beet Crème Fraiche Salad and called it lunch.

golden beets on blue

A few simply prepared ingredients create a play of flavors and textures that makes you want more. Finely minced shallots sharpen up the earthy sweetness of golden beets. A sweep through luscious crème fraiche calms that high note down. Raw walnuts underline a smooth earthiness. And fresh lemon juice brings on citrus clarity.

I’m tempted to compare the addictive crunchiness of raw beets to the heaven-sent crackle of Doritos. Sliced raw beets are crunchy with just the slightest veggie give at the finish. Okay…they’re not as crunchy as Doritos but beets of all colors are good (and good for you).

Doritos truck

I’m also tempted to paint a wall this color and name it Pavlovian Gold. Living with it will make me fierce, hungry, instinctive. It’ll be a lair, a den. Call it home.

Home is here where I howl at night lights…

night lights san francisco

and hunt sunstruck streets

nyc street sunstruck

Home is my weightless heart, gone loopy, drawing on the sky.

stunt plane over Lisbon

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Bacon! You are my home.


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  1. molly says:

    happy anniversary piggy! lovelovelove