fourteen things

There are more than fourteen things that make my heart speed and flutter, ache and free fall. Let’s start with a sugary dough ball, fizzy ginger ale and wickedly strong espresso.

I love breakfast in Lisbon.

breakfast in Lisbon

Old school candy boxes, snap-pop noisemakers and Mr. Bacon…I love all of you enough to arrange you on a small, yellow table next to my desk.

candy boxes and mr bacon

Curious cats that creep across red-tiled rooftops to say what’s up…you’re on the list.

Lisbon curious cats

Robots, the color orange, weinerdawgs and T-Pins…you rock.

robot pencil holder weinerdog pen bowl of tpins

Butter. Yes.


Fava beans. I have well-decorated daydreams when I’m peeling fava beans. Fava beans make you work for the love, boss.

fava beans

I love small objects on a rickety table and the stories they harbor.

still life with small odd objects

These mod, silver hippos make my heart speed. I found them at a vintage shop the day before my husband and I eloped.

silver hippos on windowsill

Portuguese Steak…we were meant to be. You are buttery and sauce-y.

portuguese steak

Fresh curry leaves…you make me taste travel.

lentil soup and spices

Rainbow sprinkles, you’re pretty and slightly crunchy. I dig that. Yellow and white birthday candles, cigar bands and wooden matches…mwa!

cigar lable rainbow sprinkles wooden match

That was more than fourteen things.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Oink!

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9 Responses to fourteen things

  1. Molly Fitz says:

    this is one of the best blog posts (of any blog!) of all time!

    thanks for the inspiration, piggy.

  2. Nifty! Butter, yes. Mr. Bacon, you bet! Wonderful finds at vintage shops, oh yes! I love all those things. Actually, I loved everything you showcased. :-p Such cute things. Do you have a vintage shop that you frequent often? I just discovered one by my house that is two-stories and full of trinkets. I can honestly wander around for hours.

    • fatpig says:

      Oh…I have so many thrifty shops and some not so thrifty. NYC: Housing Works Thrift Stores (all over the city) and Angel’s on 17th St and my friend, Penine Hart, who used to have one of the most eclectic and stylish brick and mortar stores…she is online now. You can find her at peninehart(dot)com, also Kiosk in NYC and their online store is kioskkiosk(dot)com. In MA: Brimfield! Seattle: Watson Kennedy. Chicago: shops in Andersonville. Um…I could keep on going and hitting a bunch of cities. I may have to do a post or something about this topic. Thanks for asking!

  3. Jackie says:

    Wonderful. I love those things. Although I have never had breakfast in Lisbon, the closest I’ve gotten is Breakfast in Madrid, which I DO love. Beautiful post :)

  4. Jodi Norton says:

    your fava beans are delicioso!

  5. Penine says:

    That’s wonderful, you have set me to dreaming…..

  6. Cool things I would say! Loved stopping in and seeing all these photos, however the most stunning is the fava beans picture!